Flare 2, HUGE Sound Delay

Hi all,

I just got the Flare 2 and the speaker lags hard on audio both connected to laptop and phone.

I could not find a solution for this except some video programs like VLC where u can adjust the audio and etc.

On lets say my laptop when i change the Output to Soundcore Flare 2 Headset (from Soundcore Flare 2 Speaker) the lag is gone but the quality of the sound is terrible.

Does anyone have any solution for this?

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This is usually the codec - the compression / decompression effort adds lag. If you try different codec settings then the lag changes. The more compression adds lag at the PC and the corresponding decompression on the speaker adds further lag. Chances are your speaker and devices have in common by default a high bitrate high compression codec.

Headset mode is a very low mono bitrate so less effort so less lag.

On PC look in device driver settings or audio, on Android it’s usually tweakable in the developer mode.

I don’t have PC as it’s a gawd awful OS (deliberately, the forced obsolence paradigm, don’t make a too-good OS as you can’t then sell an upgrade of the “better” successor).

Consider using AUX cable, it bypasses codecs delay altogether.

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Hmm, could a reset fix this?

You should find out what different codecs you are able to use.
I don’t know what your bt card offers and how to change these under WIN10
(which I suppose its the PC’s OS)