Fix the liberty ear buds

I am having an issue with the liberty airs right earbud. It I put it in the case it just blinks and doesn’t pair with phone. I am about to loose my crap because I used them once.

Reset the earbuds if the earbuds cannot connect with each other properly or cannot connect with your device properly.

  1. Place the earbuds into the charging case and make sure they are being charged.
    2. Keep the charging case open, then press and hold the button on the bottom of the charging case for 10 seconds until the LED indicators on both earbuds flash red 3 times.
    All the memory data will be cleared.
    Make sure you have removed the connection from you phone as well.

    Then pair them back to the phone.
    -Open the charging case, the earbuds will automatically power on. The right earbud will automatically connect with the left earbud.

-The earbuds will enter pairing mode when TWS connected or when powered on in mono mode. You are requested to confirm the connection when you see a pop-out screen.

That reset process is for the liberty air 2, the op asked a out the liberty air. In which case the reset process is one of 3 different ways to reset. @Ace6 please try the method as seen in this video

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