Five Star Support Experience

I’ve made a couple posts about some compatibility trouble with the PowerExpand 12-in-1 PD media dock meanwhile I have been in contact with Anker’s support so I wanted to take an opportunity to compliment and give a big shout out to Sylvia from the support team.

Sylvia was phenomenal throughout this process and as frustrating as it is to have an issue, There was a genuine effort to find solutions rather than brush it under the table like some companies do. I have a lot of confidence in Anker’s support after this experience. Well done to Sylvia and team!! Thank you!!


Good shout out @BRY83


Normally we read here something negative about the service and support,

I do understand that the most people will not “praise” the support when it was perfect,
they talk only about if it was not helpful in their eyes.
But never forget those employees are doing a hard job with unhappy and dissapointed customers.

I always tell people if they had done a good job,

Helps a lot!

“Friendliness is free, no costs” :smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that you had a great support experience!

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I’ve worked in various support roles over the years from front line to management of support services so it’s important to me that praise and appreciation is given/shown when great support experiences are provided. Like you said, everyone always hear about complaints but we rarely see kudos. I try to do my part to change that.


I’m glad you had a positive experience with support :+1:

Great story :+1:t2:

It is always nice to see a positive CS experience.