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So with the whole new year new me head on I’ve been trying to weigh up pros and cons for fitness trackers.

I decided against getting the Apple Watch when it was released last year due to the fact it was getting slated over battery life (more so on the Cellular one during calls).

I want one that monitors heart rate accurately and is reliable in counting steps. Ideally one in which the battery doesn’t need charged constantly and I can wear for a few days straight - don’t really mind if it has a sleep tracker or not.

Anyone any recommendations??
Been looking at the TomTom Spark, Huawei Band and Fitbit Charge. So if anyone has either of these that would be great.

I was a beta tester for Epson branded smart watches and I can tell you it acurately tracked my steps and provided great battery life. It even had gps and allowed you to input your info into your favorite app. It’s downside was that it wasn’t well known at the time and had limited support. But now there is more so I may just break it out and start using it again…hard to wear a watch when your wrist has gone naked for so long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, I would recommend the Apple Watch as it puts an emphasis on daily activity and not just steps (for example, I hardly get any steps lifting weights, but strength training is still an important aspect of fitness). Plus I can get texts and other notifications without needing to get my phone out of my pocket. I typically have 50% battery remaining at the end of the day (I have a non-cellular series 2).

Also, the heart rate monitor has been found to be very accurate:


Best you can get fella. I know the battery life thing is a potential pain but I have never had a day when it hasn’t worked. I don’t track my sleep on it because there is no native sleep tracker so I charge it over night and it lasts all day. Plus, you can carry the cable with a PowerCore just in case. Or just get a spare cable for work so can top it up at lunch or something.


Can you please add an picture of your Apple Watch? I want to see the closed rings.

Lol was hoping I worded it in a way that I wasn’t gonna get any more temptation to buy the Apple Watch. :grimacing: I’d prob go for the Nike+ variant if I bought an Apple Watch.

Do you want a fitness watch, smart watch or a fitness tracker? Because for me are these 3 different things


I too, have the Apple Watch. 1st generation. I was very tempted to upgrade but it still serves my purpose. I love that it reminds me to get my lazy butt up and go for a walk or something. And having notification is great too. I love using while going for long walks with my dog, meanwhile using the “walk” feature of the Workout app. To get myself motivated to get out and move, I like to explore my neighborhood and beyond. Therefore, love the feature of GPS tracking my route. And I am motivated to close my ring daily. Being able to get notifications, send text, etc from my watch is so cool. I don’t have to pull out my iPhone. Oh!!! And while I’m using the workout app, I can also listen to my music…and skip, etc via my Apple Watch. Before I got my Apple Watch, I had the Fitbit…forgot the name of it but unfortunately, it was recalled due to “nickel” allergy issues. After I sent it back, I was waiting for another Fitbit with the “watch” face type…then came the Apple Watch and I was sold. As far as battery life on the Apple Watch, especially 1st generation, depending on what you’re doing … like tracking hours of workout, the battery can deplete fast. But if just using it for workouts here and there, the battery last me the whole day. Only time I actually cursed at the battery life was when I first got the watch and I was like, “hey, let’s track via GPS my photography walk day.” This is where I would walk down to the pier, mall, etc for the whole day…just to track my route. Well, my battery was dead after a couple of hours. I can understand why the battery died though. I also use my watch for sleep tracking as well as an alarm :wink:

So, it all depends on what you want… do you want a fitness tracker or do you want more then a fitness tracker? Either or, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Apple Watch or Fitbit.


Fitness tracker

If I can find a good fitness tracker that is accurate for heart rate / steps I’d be happy enough. Series 3 Apple Watch start at £329, but the likes or the TomTom / Huawei / Fitbit are all under £100.

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Like I mentioned look into the Epson watches

Stay away from the cheap no name ones. They are inaccurate and stop working after a while. I would suggest the Apple Watch, Fitbit (my friend has a few of them and loves them) or one of the Garmin Smart Watches.

Find the ones you like and read the tech reviews. They should tell how well they work and how accurate they are. If you want a get step counter. The pacer app and your android or iphone should do the job. The only issue I have is I can’t carry at work or I set it down and forget about it. If you aren’t wearing it, it won’t track your steps.

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I’ve had the Fitbits and love the things that they can do. However, I heard the TomTom Spark is amazing. So many different features. Have not heard of the Huawei Band, but the brand is becoming very popular. I know the Fitbit is great on battery and you can change which arm is your dominant arm so that way it will accurate count your steps without confusing you raising your dominant arm up and down if you brush your hair or play in it like I do lol.

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I don’t know why, but your initial post didn’t show up until I just checked now :thinking:

If you are looking for no frills, reliable operation for fitness/heart rate, i dont know if anything really beats a fitbit. As you add abilities, bells and whistles your battery inevitably starts lasting less and less.


MY advice is to save your money. Use how breathless you are as your indicator of being in the cardio zone, it is more accurate than a heart rate monitor. As a guide, try to talk if you find you can’t easily due to needing to get air, then you’re in the zone. The heartrate which matches that is person specific which is why a heartrate monitor is of little value.

Use a stop watch to measure elapsed time over a regular route.

If you use your breath as a guide then you’ll increase your fitness quick enough.

I don’t know your age but the usual problem is not the immediate next step but you will have plateau effects where some part of your body will be a little slower than the other parts to strengthen and your performance will not improve for a period while that part improves then you’ll get a breakthrough. So the issue with being micro-detailed with fitness trackers is you get despair in those plateau periods so cause the opposite of what you want of giving up. So to you avoid that, it is best to NOT measure yourself too detailed.

There are tiers of systems inside your body which strengthen at different speeds. The first one is skeletal muscle which thickens up in the order of a couple of weeks. They are refreshed via your liver which has to physically alter itself which takes a couple of months (known as developing endurance).

I also recommend you don’t micro-monitor your weight, because one of the initial effects of exercise is the muscles thicken up (many reasons, like more sugar is stored inside your muscles) so your weight will go UP at times. It will drop overall but on a week by week basis you may find weeks it goes up as your body adapts to a new habit.

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Sounds like a lot of voices recommending the Apple watches. :grin:

Well, I have a HUAWEI smart watch. It was a gift from a friend. At first, I’m excited to see how many steps I walk each day, but I soon lost interest, because I take the phone with me every day, so there is really not much use for that. And it also works as bluetooth earphone When driving, or having my hands occupied to grab the phone. However, as I really don’t have much phone calls, and it needs to charge like every 4 days, maybe. So I just left it somewhere, and only thought of it until I see this topic…

Oh, by the way, it also tracks how many hours I sleep at night or when I take a nap in the afternoon. And it reminds me to stand up and stretch myself when I’ve been sitting for over 1 hour. I should probably find it and charge it after work today…


Normally use my iPhone to give me a rough figure of steps per day (as it’s mainly in my back pocket) but as much as I’ve considered pulling the trigger on an Apple Watch, I’ve not been able to justify the cost but also whether it’s accurate enough for it’s cost.

I’ve tried a few wrist based heart rate monitors in the past but unless you have a secure connection to your skin for the sensor (which I’ve never managed to get) your never going to get a true reading. Using a Wahoo chest strap for workouts / heart rate and my iPhone for average steps per day is holding me well for the moment but I would welcome an Anker Eufy option, hint hint :grin:


I have friends who say they are a gimmick and don’t use them and like you said best way is healthy well balanced diet and exercise.

But I have friends on the other hand who enjoy the tech element and setting goals, with the devices giving reminders / prompts.

I’m 32, 6”7 and in excess of 25 stone. Working in an office means that I’m spending most of my working day sitting at a desk. I’m planning on moving in the next couple of months and joining a local gym. So in the mean time was thinking a fitness tracker might help achieve goals/targets.

As I’m typing this I just got a text from a friend saying “Give me £100 and il text you every night “GO FOR A WALK YOU LAZY *******”” lol


Not a bad idea. I currently have an older Apple Watch and couldn’t be more happy with it. However, my friend just got the Nike+ version for Christmas and he never seems to take it off!