Fit of Liberty 2 Pro

I was part of the kickstarter for liberty+.
I use the liberty ear buds a lot but I am one of those people for whom the fit doesn’t work. My ears are the wrong shape. I have to wear them while sat still and have to walk carefully. If I lean forward they drop out. I know lots of people had this problem. Are the new Liberty pro ones any better?

It sounds like you are using the wrong size tips (most likely too large). I would try smaller tips.

On the off chance that that isn’t the case, I find the liberty air to fit better then most buds I’ve used. I assume the liberty air 2 are the same way.

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Yes as said, have you try the smaller tips before?

I have a pair. I was worried about them falling out because most ear buds do. The clip that tucks inside the top of my ear keeps them from falling out. They are the best pair I’ve ever used.