First week with the Soundcore Liberty Lite Earbuds

The Soundcore Liberty Lites are not my first set of bluetooth earbuds, but they are my first experience with totally wireless earbuds. I had my eye on the Zolo Liberty earbuds for a while but could never pull the trigger. When I saw Anker had rebranded and refreshed them with the “Soundcore” moniker and lowered the price, my interest peaked.

If you are interested in an unboxing video, I’m sure YouTube can help you there, but these are packaged in Anker’s standard white and blue, small, sturdy box. In the box you’ll find the Liberty earbuds, charging case, a variety of different sized tips and wings, micro-usb cable and instructions/warranty card.

The earbuds and case came with a charge, but the first thing I did was top them up. With only a 600mah battery in the case, that didn’t take long (maybe an hour or so). Pairing with my Samsung S8 was as simple as pulling them out of the case, pushing the button on the earbud and scanning for available bluetooth devices from my phone’s bluetooth settings. After the initial pairing ther earbuds auto connect to my phone each time they are removed from the case and disconnect when they are put back in. Super simple.

Anker makes their products to last and these are no exception. The charging case is small (approx 3x1x1) with rounded edges making it easily pocketable.The charging port is covered by a small rubber flap (waterproof?). 3 LEDs on the exterior indicate the charge level. The case charges via micro-USB (fine, but come on…it’s time to move to USB-C). The earbuds themselves are all black and made of a premium feeling plastic. A small push button on each can control music (play/pause/skip) calls (answer/end) and bring up your preferred voice assistant (with a double press). Unfortunately there is no volume control. The included tips and wings are a black silicon (four different sizes of each). When putting the earbuds in the case, they magnetically snap into place and each has a small light to let you know it’s charging. Also it’s worth mentioning that because of the specific depth of the case and how the earbuds fit, changing to a third party tip could be tricky.

As I mentioned, once paired, these will auto connect every time they are removed from the case. Couldn’t be easier. After you figure out which combo of tips/wings work for you, just pop em in and give a little twist back and forth to secure them in place. It can take some adjustment to find the perfect spot for comfort and sound quality, but once in place I don’t feel like they are going anywhere and are pretty comfortable. Sound quality is good, if anything it’s lacking a little bass, but getting a good seal can help with that. Also when you do get them sealed in your ear, be prepared to be isolated from ambient noise. Call audio comes from both earbuds (something the previous version didn’t do).

These are rated at 3.5 for the earbuds and another 9 hours from the case. That seems plenty long for anyone even for all day use. I tend to use them an hour here, an hour there and expect I may only need to charge once or twice a week. I know the Zolo case offered 24 and 48 hours of battery life, but it was also much bigger. I’ll take the smaller case any day. I can get about 40 feet away from my phone before the connection breaks up. Within 40 feet I haven’t had any connection issues.

At half the price, these are a great alternative to Airpods. They are super simple to use, sound good and come in a small form factor. I do wish they charged via USB-C, but I’ll deal! And don’t forget to remove the clear plastic on each earbud that covers the charging connection.


Very nice review. Please include some pictures if you can.

Great job on the review and thank you for the pics!

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Great review


Great review I hope I can find someone to get my hands on it for a test hearing.

Good job on the review & pics @asauers , thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

great review! good job!!! :ok_hand:

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Awesome review! Very extensive and I love the pictures!

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Thanks for the review!


Keep up the good work


Just found an unadvertised feature…Although the liberty lite’s do not say they can do Sound Isolation (something the zolo liberty+ does), they can. I downloaded the “Zolo Life” app and toggled “Transparency”, and it works! Not convenient to have to go through an app, but maybe something that can be added as a button press with a firmware update?


This is excellent observation. I can confirm that my liberty (not + or lite) cannot do this. Zolo life app do not recognize liberty at all.

Very nice review, I myself really love the whole Family of Anker Products, and I have yet to be disappointed. I really want to try these new Soundcore Liberty Lite Earbuds, they look very promising.

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Seems like the Zolo life app can’t recognise the Soundcore Liberty Lite Earbuds on IOS. Is there any trick to enable the support?

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The bluetooth connection on mine is not strong enough; the earbuds don’t play when I put my phone in my pocket, jacket or pants. Any way around this? I saw in the manual there was another way to connect other than bluetooth. I don’t have the manual on me.

Also the max volume is too low for me. I might just listen to my music extremely loud though.

The sound quality and fit are good though.

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