First week using Eufycam

Got myself a Homebase and two eufycams last week and after making sure I could reach all planned locations, I ordered another two cams. This is my experience after using this set a week.

  • Installation was a breeze. Homebase had to update, which was shown in the app. After connecting cam1 I thought the installation failed untill I discovered that the cam was also updating. Suggestion: make that (more) clear in the app;
  • Signal reach is barely sufficient. I have a recently build house and one wall will effectively reduce the signal by one or two stripes. Two walls is not usable. I placed the homebase in a shed build against my home using wifi connection and that works because of the thinner walls. I ended up with one cam having full stripes, two cams with 3 stripes and one with two;
  • I’m really happy with the user interface of the app. All self explaining;
  • Had to play with the Activity Zones of one cam to avoid false triggers by some branches with leaves. Now that works fine;

So overall I’m a happy user so far :wink:


Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad you’re enjoying your new cameras!

Seems like the eufy cams are very user friendly

Welcome to our big family! Thanks for sharing your great experience! :smiley_cat:

Glad it worked for you ! Thanks for sharing @SHP

the limit of the wall thickness could be a constraint, however it seems an acceptable compromise, I am meditating on the purchase.
thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Grat. You have to do a follow up to let know how long the battery life is.