First phones at work

I wish Anker would design a charger to charge the batteries used in the first phones that are used by associates at stores like The Home Depot

Never heard from.
You could give us more information.
I am sure these don’t exist here over the pond.

Maybe there isn’t a big demand for them


This is the device I wish Anker made a charger for

Hm, seems not such a popular phone.
So there might be only a few customers.

the charger, the cable and whatever else you would be using to charge those first phones are pointless. They are for commercial use and no one outside of retail entities would use it. That’s why majority of places like Home Depot that utilizes these First Phones also have a charging station with multiple batteries that can be swapped out. When I’m at work the batteries last me a typical 8 hour shift, and I just swap batteries as needed. No need to be tied down to a cord tethered to a battery pack