First impressions/questions about the Liberty Neo buds

Picked up a pair of the Neo buds on Amazon recently, they’re still for sale there for $49.99 as I write this. I’d call myself an audiophile on a budget so I’m always on the hunt for quality electronics that don’t break the bank. I use a set of Shure SE215 BT1’s as my go-to wireless headphones because they have an amazing sound stage and can be had for well under $100 if you look around for a bit. With the LN buds I’m overall impressed with how they fit, how they work and the quality of the whole package. Magnetic attachment for the buds and the lid of the case are a bonus that really complements the damn good sound they reproduce. Fitment is really amazing, I have a hard time finding earbuds that fit well and these sit nice and tight in my ears when working, exercising or engaging in any other activity. I haven’t had to use the wings and I’m grateful for that as I believe that less is more in a lot of life.

Now onto my questions Are memory foam cups available out there that will fit the Neos? My Shure set includes foam and silicone tips and the foam really brings out the precise sounds as they completely seal off the ear cavity But my biggest question is how do I make them louder? I’m an old rocker that has listened to way too much loud music over the years and more volume is usually a good thing. I’ve tried recommended Android equalizers and sound boosters without any success. I’ve customized the sound/volume coming from my Galaxy phone and it’s not quite enough for my taste.

Thanks in advance for any responses and congrats to Anker for releasing another great product at a more than fair price.


Nice preliminary review. No pictures though?

My advice would be to look for them on Amazon. I think you can find just what you need there

There are comply foam tips you can buy, but then they will not fit into the charging case unless you remove the. Everytime… One way to circumvent this is to cut back on the shaft that goes into the earbud, but it may not fit as tight afterwards.

As for making them louder and since your in Android, please enable developers mode

  1. If using stock Android, go to Settings > About phone > Build number. On a Samsung Galaxy device, go to Settings > About device > Build number. …

  2. Tap Build number seven times. …

  3. Go back to Settings, where you’ll find a Developer options entry in the menu.

Once inside the developers menu scroll down and enable or disable Absolute Volume, play with it on and off and see which works better for you. I found with it enabled they can get louder depending on which music app I am using

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Nice opinion, I always like comparisons with other similar items within the category.

Thanks for the responses. I thought we were bad in the car world asking for pictures but voila it permeates the entire forum word lol. Here are just a couple I took to post in another forum. Case, though plastic, has a solid feel and I like the gray sparkle paint, looks more like metal. Obviously metal would be nice but then these wouldn’t sell for $50. I’m more than willing to sacrifice “nice to have but not need to have” to improve sound quality and keep prices low. And yes it’s true, I love Nerds and am not afraid to admit it.

I had already enabled developer mode to unlink the Shure headphones so I could control their volume separately from the phone’s and it helped a lot with more volume between the 2. Sadly it doesn’t seem to affect my experience with the Neo’s but I’m going to poke around the internet this morning and try more recommended EQ and volume booster apps in a quest to find “the one who rules them all” :smiley:

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@Tank does these comply foam fits Liberty Air ?

That is a great question! I love Comply Foam tips so if they fit then that makes them more comfortable. I have a set of Comply for my Jaybird X3s and they are sooooo comfortable.

Comply foam will fit, but in order to fit back into the case you have to cut back the hollow tube that attaches to the earbuds. I have managed to do this with the liberty air using my Sony hybrid eartips as well. For these I just used the comply foam that came with my Zolo +

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Good review. I guess since there are so many configuration options on how to fit them I never thought on comply foam

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@Tank do you have a picture to share. This is very interesting and before I make a modification to my Air a picture will be very helpful :wink:

Just sent a message to my son to bring them home from school, if he does I’ll post up some pictures

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Awesome!!! Thanks :bow: