First impressions eufycam 2 - 5 seconds of each saved clip is pixelated, why?


One thing I’ve noticed on the eufycam 2 on default optimal settings, when a clip is saved (20 seconds), the first 5 seconds of the clip it looks like the camera is switching on and trying to focus, which is not acceptable.

I looked at a night alert and when noticed movement which was a pixelated cat, by the time the camera had focused, the cat had gone…

Not impressed with that at all, is there any way to fix the distortion from being captured? What’s the point of capturing blurred 5 seconds of footage on a 20 second clip?

Wondering whether I should send the eufycams back, what have others experienced? Any way to fix this? I could have just bought a live camera which would at least stay focused when capturing events…

Any advice appreciated.

Guess what is the product! Fun fun!

  • Eufycam E
  • Eufycam 2C
  • Eufycam 2

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