First date

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d post something along those lines.

I’m wondering about all of the people on anker community’s first date. You may not remember much, or anything at all, but just post what you can remember. If you can’t rememeber your FIRST date maybe you can share another important date. Like maybe when you proposed, or were proposed to.

Can’t wait to hear all the responses!

Btw, I’m not sharing one because I’ve never been on a date. May sound shocking, but if you knew me you’d understand…

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It’s not Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s fine to tell my story if it’s still relevant.
I was 17 years old and been on a trip to New Orleans with my mom. There I made a lot of friends and good memories and met a boy who was 21. We could talk all day long and he invited me on a date to go to the cafe at the hotel, we talked, laughed and then went to the hotel gym and movie theater, but since it was late we just been walking around the hall, basically he gave me a tour of the hotel that was owned by his dad. It was weird to date a guy who was so fancy and it turned out he was actually fairly famous (he was a big deal in Miami) so it was kind of intimidating to hang out with him at first. I was scared to date the guy (he wanted us to be together) because I didn’t know how to behave myself. I google and found this really good article about how to date a celebrity (How to date a celebrity). It gave the pointers I needed and helped me gain confidence in myself and have faith that our relationship has a chance.
So, that was my first date/relationship ever.

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looooool @TechMan …my man wants love stories :laughing: