First camera working. Second camera won’t connect

Hey everyone! I bought a Eufy Cam 2. I set everything up, for the first camera working, set up the 2nd camera (it said successful) but won’t give me a live video. (The first camera will show me live feed). It says it doesn’t have internet, but it’s sitting right next to the first camera (which has perfect internet connection and both are sitting right next to the HomeBase/router) I tried deleting the camera and adding it again, tried restarting my app. I’m out of ideas. Anyone have this issue before?

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Do you get any footage off the 2nd camera (using motion detection)? Also have you tried a restart (or full reset of the Homebase)?

From your description is sounds like it could be a faulty camera but trying the above would be a good start.

As @ndalby mentioned, try a full restart using the reset button on the back of homebase. If it still not working, do you mind posting a picture of camera settings screen on the app to see if anything is turned off .
You can always reach out to