Firmware won't update for Anker Soundcore A3161 bluetooth speaker (204-820086). Would not connect to my newer cell phone

I followed the both the video and PDF to the letter for updating the firmware, and keep getting: “Error writing INITBPS, the firmware selected is incompatible with your device”. I tried to update with file, “A3161_Soundcore Flare V2.52-201903.FW”. Does anyone have a solution?

@cornelbuckley We are so sorry to know the issue you met, for your situation, please try to update the firmware of your SoundCore Flare speaker via SoundCore App directly to see if any help.

I did not try using the App. However, after the install failed on the Dell laptop, I tried to do it on my Dell Desktop and had success there. Not sure what the deal is with the laptop? The Windows-10, O.S. is the same on both the desktop, and the laptop. The new cell phone now connects to the Anke speaker, the older cell did not have a problems.

So everything is working now?