Firmware update for Flare and Flare+ available

Fixes some language issues for both and adds full EQ control to the Flare+. The app update also adds support for Model Zero!


Looking forward to the full EQ.

I have updated the SoundCore iOS app to the latest version 1.2.0. From there I am trying to update the firmware to 2.70 for my Flare+. The firmware downloads to my phone (1.47MB) but for some reason fails to install on the Flare+. It says installing, displays 0% on the gauge, sits there for 10s then it displays an error message: “An error occured. Please try again later.”

Did anyone encounter the same problem? Any ideas, suggestions, workarounds? @AnkerOfficial ?


I’m using the Android app and 2 original Flares and didn’t have an issue, in case that helps Anker with troubleshooting.

Hope someone comes along soon with answers about iOS app and the Flare+!

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Thanks for posting!!


Firmware updated. Thanks for the notification

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Thanks @RuhRoh, I just succeeded installing the firmware using the Android app (had an old Android device that I managed to use).

The interesting thing happening now is that the iOS app is not able to connect to my Flare + :slight_smile:

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I’m using the latest iPhone and have the same error mesage.

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Are you guys all using the same iOS? Is there an upgrade that maybe some iPhones haven’t installed yet?

My Flares updated yesterday. They were connected to an iPhone 8 with iOS12 - all my apps were updated as well, so I’m assuming I was using the latest version of the Soundcore app. The update ran without issues and was quite fast - much, much faster than the update on my wife’s Bose. I couldn’t confirm the update was sent to both units - I assumed it was and I was too lazy yesterday to connect each unit individually to check…

Anyway, after the update the Flares reconnected automatically. No hassle. I can’t say I noticed any differences in using them, though - I just resumed the song I was playing before the update started… :grin:


Thanks, wonder if the folks having trouble are on iOS 11 or if the issue is with updating the Flare+ with 1OS 11 and 12 but not Flare.

Ah, yes, I should have been specific: I updated “non-plus” Flares… And I was playing music when the update started, I paused when I saw the warning on top.

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Surprised support for Model Zero was added before Model Zero+ as not only did we heard that Zero+ was coming first back in April, but it also passed through the FCC first.

Doesn’t make sense to me to release the premium model first.

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I was able to update using my iPad, using my iPhone Xs Max wouldn’t work, both are using OS 12.

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Kinda make’s sense (Apple does it often :wink:)…release the more expensive model first for those that really want one & it’s features followed by a reduced cost model (minus some features) for the wider market…

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I have iphone X, IOS 12, Flare speakers (2)

Current version 2.30

Firmware update is 2.47, size 1.57mb

firmware downloads, fails to install (error occurred)


@AnkerOfficial, want to get in here about the problems iOS users are having with the new Soundcore app update, particularly around the Flare +? Though it appears iOS users are also having issue with the Flare?

I have the flare + updated firmware with iOS 11 without problems without updating the Soundcore app. Now I can’t connect through the app. On Android it works.

I am having issues updating both my Flare and Flare+. Running iOS 12 with the latest Soundcore app.

I’m also seeing the error when trying to update firmware. My setup is IOS 12 on iPhone Xs and Flare (non-plus) speaker. Soundcore app was newly loaded.