Firmware Release Notes - Video Doorbell

Hey @eufy or @AnkerSupport

Can you share the release notes for the video door bell?

Its been updated a few times now and the release notes weren’t shared/shown in the app.


Hey @eufy and @ankersupport

Especially since these firmware updates are forced updates - Anker really should provide the details as any professional company does.


I third this would be nice to know especially if something is listed as fixed and we are still having a problem would be great to be able to sort it out Thanks

Yes please! It’s terrible that we have to go through so much effort just for firmware release notes.

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Especially on something we have ZERO control over…

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I wanted to give a shoutout to @eufy and @AnkerSupport. The last update to the doorbell had release notes!!

Since the latest firmware, my motion notifications do not work 100%. Example - I got a notification from Amazon that package was delivered. I viewed footage on a camera to verify mail driver had to walk up to porch. I got nothing from the doorbell.

this happens to me constantly… Anker blames my network… I had a ticket with them and gave up since they were positive it is my network. Not sure how, damn doorbell is in the DMZ zone… Anyway, I really liked this product but I believe some of the FW updates have crippled it.

I just installed my doorbell and motion alerts are limited to maybe 10-12’ tops…
tried all settings… is this a firmware issue?

How do you view the release notes?
I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

They are listed in the App sometimes. Up near the top there is a message icon, click that and then click System.

Thanks, unfortunately I can not see them.
Really hope they bring a new firmware out soon as my motion detection is crazy inaccurate at the moment.

I mostly gave up on this product. I just can’t get it to work 100% like it was when I first got it. All three times I actually needed it, the doorbell didn’t function as it should.

It’s such a shame as when it works as it should, it is far superior to the ring products I have owned and tried.
Fingers crossed for a new firmware.

im guessing at this point that this was a failed product. I will be leaving negative reviews where I can. They dont support it, no feedback, they dont care.