Firmware Release Notes - Homebase 2


“Solved the issue that event picture disorded for Video Doorbell”
“Solved the audio issue for Video Doorbell”
“Solved the snooze issue for battery doorbell when connected to homebase”

Does this mean the Video Doorbell can be added to the Homebase 2?

Able to record to the Homebase 2?

The battery doorbell yes (it’s the only way), not sure if the wired doorbell does yet.

Also my Homebase firmware is now on now as of this am

Ah mine did update as well! No release notes though

It updated again, now at

Hmmm - my app shows version installed, but check for firmware says ‘Firmware is up to date’ ?

Same here my HB 2 only shows FW and updated last on 1-19-20 Manuel checked today and a few times before and nothing…:thinking::thinking:

Weird. I’m on as well.

Are these other folks on beta ?

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@Dalma I was wondering that as well could someone please shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.

Not on beta. Also on

Wonder if it’s region specific - I’m in the UK


Also on (Belgium)

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Ok I sent @eufysupport an email about why everyone else has higher firmware versions then some of us! This is the response I got asking about the firmware…

“According to our engineer, please note that they will configure the firmware for you within 24 hours, please feel free to add the eufy cam 2C to your original home base by then and let us know the results.”

Should’ve this tonight and will keep you posted on what is new and possible… :wink:


I am in UK and also still on 6.9

I am in Canada

The base got updated to on the 22nd of Feb when I added a new camera to my system.

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Mine did update on Saturday, both security and doorbell updated - so although appeared initially ‘odd’ regarding the timing of some vs others, it all got done :+1:

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So I have to add a device in order to get the base station updated. Isn’t that a bit weird. I don’t have any devices to add. I already have 4 cams and 2 base stations.

How do I force an update of the firmware without adding any devices ???

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@Dalma :joy: no that’s not how it works… you can manually check or wait for an over night push of the firmware. On a side note does anybody have release notes for this new firmware?

I have two base stations. One updated to days ago when this was released. The other is still on Neither waiting for days, nor checking for an available update prompt the update to happen.

Incase anyone wants to know what’s new on the HomeBase 2 firmware…

That is the exact changelog for

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@NxtGen I guess I wasn’t missing anything new :roll_eyes:was hopping for HomeKit secure video and hopping for 2k wired doorbell being able to record to Homebase 2…oh well

And after the update Alexa is broke :frowning: