Firewall ports required by Eufycam - Updated as I go

So far during setup, I have found the following firewall ports required for the Eufycam’s to function both during setup and basic streaming:

UDP Ports:


I allow outbound TCP 80/443 by default from my network, so if they require that as well, it was already being passed.


Looks like especially for actual remote interaction, there are a lot more UDP ports. So far, I have seen zero TCP traffic from the Eufycam stuff.

A lot of UDP ports, so I’m thinking the audio/video streams use a pool of ports, not specific ones.

So far with one set of 2-way audo/streaming video tests using a “log all traffic matching this rule” for the cams, I’ve seen the following ports:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: interesting. Well those UDP ports are in the Random range. Are all those ports just for one camera?

The outbound UDP traffic all originates (during video viewing/two way audio testing, etc) from the basestation itself. That is where I started to see more and more ports show up in the traffic being logged.

The initial setup of the cameras requires them to reach outbound via UDP, but only on those first 5 ports from the original post. After that it seems all their traffic is routed via the basestation, which makes sense.

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So today I discovered that the 2019/10/15 update added a TCP port to the mix.

10280 TCP.

This is what caused my system to stop recording/notifying new events after the 2019/10/15 update.

Once I allowed that from the basestation IP, everything started working again.

New wrinkle. Seems now that on local wifi the app can stream audio/video just fine in real time, But all of my previous recordings, release notes, etc. are unavailable with a “Unable to connect to the application server.”

Looking at the firewall, I see tons of requests to UDP 32700 from my PHONE, not the basestation. This is new behavior, as I have not seen that before.

*Edit: As always, I’m frustrated by a setup that touts local network access only required being so dependent on Internet bound calls.

Yes and now this!

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I know I’m bumping an old topic, but want to add/repeat that this issue is still unresolved half a year later: Eufy Security (cams, doorbell, homebase) is STILL USELESS when the servers are down, servers that we should not need at all for our local systems that supposedly do not use the cloud.
Come on Anker and fix this problem once and for all!


Are these issues still valid? I have the Eufy Security Indoor Cam 2K and no Home Base Station.
Can I stream from my home camera a RTSP stream to a computer outside from my home network using VLC player for example? Is there a tutorial somewher, which ports i need to open from my home router WAN?

As far as I know the need to log in on some Eufy server “somewhere” is still needed for your phone to be able to connect to your homebase. Your other questions (like what if you have no home base station) I cannot answer. The problem that the Eufy products that do not require a paid cloud subscription still require a registration for a login procedure is still there and I don’t think there is any intention to make this problem go away.

It’s a generic way to “securely” bypass firewall, the LAN opens a port to Internet through which traffic can reach back in, requires a server and when that server is down nothing works. The alternative is uPnP and cache the public IP.