Fire TV stick, Roku or Chromecast

Hey now there is the new capsule and I would like to know what do you think is the best option Chromecast, Fire TV stick or a Roku product.

I know there was an older thread but it was from 2016.

I think the Fire TV stick is the best option because you can stream Netflix plus Amazon Instant video


You can stream Amazon Prime Video on Roku, too, plus you get the Google Play Movies as well. It has a fantastic feature for using it in hotel rooms when the WiFi requests some browser input before working, which is awesome.

The Chromecast is the cheapest of all, but it’s also not really a streaming box, since it depends on a separate device - a phone or tablet - to send the content to it.

But the new Capsule comes with Android TV, you shouldn’t need anything else!

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Only problem is Germany and that I can’t get my hands on a roku

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I’ve been very happy with my FireTV Sticks and FireTV devices. Currently I have a FireTV 3 on the living room TV and a 2nd gen FireTV Stick on the bedroom TV. Probably won’t upgrade either for awhile. If you already use Alexa and other Amazon services, I’d get a FireTV Stick. The newest version also comes with a remote than can control the TV and maybe a soundbar as well.

I don’t really see the point of the Chromecast as it requires a secondary device at all times.

Never met anyone who doesn’t love their Roku though, so probably worth exploring.

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I’d recommend the firestick :+1:t2:

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I’d go for the firestick!

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Roku is great and can now be controlled via google voice. I have used and tested numerous Roku products for the company and all have worked well. The only time I had an issue was when certain channels within the roku stopped working, a quick email to their support and I had those channels back within a few hours. An inconvenience for sure, but their support was always on it.

I have only used the fire stick once and never got to Cullen explore its use so I can speak for that.

The chromecast is a pain because you cast your phone to it and you may not always want to do that, you may just want a stand alone device which can be controlled a number of different ways. I have also experienced signal interference when trying to cast a movie, so there is also that.

So recommendation would be the Roku

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I would recommend the FireTV stick, mine has been rock solid and if you’ve bought into the Amazon Prime / Video then it’s the smoothest way of jumping in. I’ve used a Roku box before but I’m not sure if it was an older model but it didn’t run as smoothly and had more trouble streaming with buffering yet in the same place the Fire Stick was solid every time. Again this might be a little unfair as I’m not sure if it was the app on the Roku box or an older model, just my experience.

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Roku. Hands down. For true versatility. But, if you’re buying the Capsule II you don’t need any dongle!

+1 in favor of the Firestick

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