Took out pre filter no problem. Having trouble seeing how foam filter comes out. Also now don’t see how pre filter gets back in. Afraid of forcing and breaking it.

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Hey @eae01
What is the product you are using, Robovac, handheld or something else?
Model number and maybe a photo is possible would help :+1:

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Hi. It is 11S robo vac

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Hi @eae01

These details should already be on the Manual from eufy RoboVac 11S

Here is a page on how to do it

Hope this helps you!

I think I know what you are referring to, cleaning schedule for my Robovac is soon, so will try to capture a video for it :+1:


May be the foam filter is “glued” by dust to the mesh.
Take it out.
If its damaged you can take any similar sheet of such a foam.
I made this, because the original one was lost.
“Old Willy” my 11S had no objections. :smile:

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Good point @Chiquinho
@eae01 my foam filter often gets stuck to the back of the white filter

Added a cleaning video… Not sure if it is the same for 11S, this one’s for 25C

Hope this helps @eae01


You showed how to remove the mesh as a demo. That’s OK

I have to add there is no need to remove and insert the mesh when cleaning the filters. :smiley:
Use a simple soft brush to clean mesh, filters.

If you got compressed air you could use also

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I use compressed air, from my mouth. A good old blow outside works a treat. But be careful of the wind direction :rofl:

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Great Paul! :rofl

My wife took a photo when I cleaned the filters!


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Lol like the pictures @Chiquinho @paulstevenewing thanks for the headsup :+1:slight_smile:Nice video there @Shenoy
I rarely remove the mesh, just brush it off and clean the other 2 filters by removing them from their enclosure.

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Hi. Thanks, the parts look the same as in my 11S. I noticed in the video similar difficulty getting the pre filter to fit back in, then an edit and presto, it was in. I would appreciate seeing that edited part as my pre filter continues to refuse to go back in. A whack-a-mole situation where I push one end in and the other pops out.

sure, let me get that… Just to confirm, are you talking of this part, circled in red… Fitting it in?

Hope he/she hasn’t broken something of that piece.
I said before, this part should be taken out if there is no need.

Yes that is it. I get it in as best I can but then it is compromised in keeping out dirt from subsequent filters as it is not completely sealed.

Hope this helps… it is a bit tricky, but applying pressure does close it perfectly. Also a note, I have opened this only twice so far since I have been using the Robovac, and does not need to be cleaner frequently in my expererience.

Thanks. Do you have a video showing how to take out the swivel wheel?

What do you mean “care about”?
How to extract it?

If so : Pull a stripe of cotton cloth under that wheel and pull it out at the other side.
So you can extract it.
This will cause no damage as pliers would do.

I have never tried that on Astroboy… i clean it without taking it out,

Thanks. This is a good idea, except I tried it and the cotton strip ripped in two rather than the wheel come out.