FIFA World Cup - who's following?

As a Brazilian, I’m plagued by the common sense that every Brazilian loves football :soccer: - or, as our friends in the US call it, soccer. It is true that most Brazilians do, regardless of the poor quality in the sport as played in Brazil lately - my father’s opinion, he being a strong follower of both Brazilian’s and European’s football.

Well, it is the world’s most popular sport, so the 2018 FIFA World Cup surely attracks a lot of people - sidenote here, the third most popular sport is… Cricket? I guess a billion Indians make it so :smile:. I don’t really care about it, but I’m sure surrounded by people who do, a great deal, including my wife. So it is only fitting that I come along for gathering of friends willing to get together to watch - there’s usually good food involved, in most cases Brazilian barbecue when there’s a lot of us involved.

Yesterday, first match of the Brazilian national team, we were about 20 people in a park, barbecueing and chatting and - most of us - intently watching the game in a 11" laptop. Second side note: what a good opportunity would it be to test out a Nebula Mars 2, right? Since it was a match between Brazil and Switzerland, other than fellow Brazilians not many people where following it. But on the previous days, at home, I noticed cheers coming from the neighbours in several occasions, my wife dutifully informing me of which match was being played. Montreal being as multicultural as it is, almost no team goes unsupported here.

Which made me wonder: how many of us here in the Anker community are following the World Cup? What are your habits, if any, to watch the games? Any Anker products involved in your set up? if you don’t follow football, which sport do you follow?

I’m counting on my Soundcore Flare test unit to come before Brazil’s next game to put it to the test - and wonder my friends - with the sound and lights!


Ola Tiago, meu amigo,
As you already know I’m from Germany.
I have in mind the last result 7:1.
But this is really history,
Os Brasileiros were not very successful.
But our team was even worse! :grin:

Addendum :slight_smile:

If I would have the opportunity to take part at your “churrasco” I would come immediately. “A nossa saude!”

Mas nao faz mal!
Claro nossos dois somos amigos e tudo e so um jogo, e vamos a ver os proximos matches.
Precisam de ser melhor! :smile:
Um grande abraco de Chiquinho aka Franz de Munique!



I remember very well the occasion of that match. I was in class, and a couple of classmates were secretively watching the game in the back of the room. At some point it attracted more people and, by what I guessed was the middle of the second half I started hearing my name being whispered, something like “Someone must tell Tiago about it!” “No, we better not, he might get so upset he’ll leave the class!”.

But I don’t really care about football, so I only smiled once I learned of the match’s result. Be proud of your national team, Franz, I heard their last cup was well deserved! :wink:

And you’re right, it’s just a game. I personally could never understand all the fuss about other people playing sports. But even when it’s me playing - I was more of a volleyball player in my teens - I would never let the match’s results get to my head, it’s just a game after all!


Wow, 20 people trying to watch the game on an 11 inch screen would have been rough! :joy:
I don’t really follow the World Cup closely, but I’ve had the games on while I’m working on other things around the house.


When I was a child:
There was only ONE neighbour in our little village who had a TV.
So all habitants gathered in his living bringing their own chairs some boxes of beer (OF COURSE :yum:),

And this was really!!! an event.
Nowadays they are starting those kind of events again.
But commercialized.
They call it “Public Viewing” here in Germany.
(The Germans are losing their language “Deutsch” now I call it “Denglish”)
Huge screens and projectors at those places.

So Tiago’s little laptop screen is much more familiar. :relieved:
The TVs in my youth were also quite small but the matches were better.
But not this one, I do really remeber:
Germany : Sweden (24.06.1958) : 1:3
This was a disaster,
after the Germans winning the championship in 1954…

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Love the World Cup. Gutted Wales didn’t make it. After Euro 2016 (The most amazing summer ever) it would have been a dream to be there. Don’t think I would of gone to Russia though.

Was a shock to see Germany leave and Brazil draw yesterday. Nobody saw that coming and the pair screwed up my (small) bet lol

I did have Germany down as the winners but after seeing Ronaldo in the Portugal v Spain match I think they could do it.

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I do have two teams to care about:
I’m visiting Portugal since 40 years, so I started to learn a little bit the language. So I am a fan of the Portuguese team as well.

The result of the match Portugal : Spain was fair.
(Better to say the match Ronaldo : Spain.:grin:)

The matches of the 2 countries of the “peninsula iberica” are always more than emotional, so we have seen an excellent “fight”.

I’m pretty much the same as @TechnicallyWell , don’t follow the action closely but not fussed if it’s on in the background or monopolizing the daily news hour either…

You will be in for a treat if you get the SoundCore Flare before the next Brazil game though…tested out my ‘purchased’ one on Friday with a friends Capsule for a film, the 360 sound is really, really noticeable…even though the speaker was roughly between the two couches it filled the room to the point that audio actually sounded like it was coming from where the screen was for action sequences (which was 10ft away…certainly becoming a fav over my current Boost :heart_eyes: )


That’s pretty much my pitch to test the Flare! :smile: All’s missing is the Nebula Mars II to make this come true. :grin:


Chances are it will hit Canada (correct?) before it see’s the edges of the UK :laughing:


I hope it hits both our countries soon enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who’s watching the game tonight?
Kinda want Belgium to win just to put England back in their little box lol.

Should be a good game :grin:

Germany though :scream:


The German team lost, I still can’t believe it…:sob:

I know. I had them down to win it.

Let us guess who will bring home the glory!
I guess it’s France.:imp:

I am watching the games as well. As a korean, I had hopes for korea but it was unrealistic to say the least. I am currently rooting for England…with Belgium as backup…then lastly france.

what a game today though, what…a … game

3-2 Belgium was just so epic…although i was low key rooting for the underdogs japan

Definitely a few surprises this world cup, with some major teams out by the end of the first round, and other major teams not playing well at all.

England d MAY have gone tactical nnlost the last group games on purpose to gain an advantage of an easier route??? That’s my theory.

I had Germany in the pools. Thought I had a chance and then they didn’t even make it out of the group stage!

Watching the England game now.

That Belgium 2nd half come back last night was something else.

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