Felt Pouch/Customer Service Woes

Last Thursday I received my new PowerLine+ 3ft USB-C to USB 3.0 which I ordered directly from Anker’s website. This was good news because it was ordered 7 days prior and had received limited to no tracking information (ordered the 4th of January arrived the 11th) and I was starting to get worried and upset. You see I have Amazon prime, so I could have had free 2-day shipping and, if I had ordered it through Amazon, it would have gotten to me with my new PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand and PowerDrive Speed (which have been great so far) on the 7th (only 1 business day after ordered). But I opted to get it from Anker (about $7 shipping) directly so I could get that felt pouch, you see I was hoping to use the pouch for the 6ft PowerLine+ that I was going to get later.
So, back to last Thursday, having finally received my package, I opened it happy to get the cord but the felt pouch was not there. I immediately got on the computer and wrote up an email explaining everything, much like I am here, and I sent it out Thursday evening. Now, based on what I had heard about Anker’s customer service I expected a response within 1 maybe 2 days (the also say “we’ll try our best to respond with 24 hours”). Unfortunately, I have heard nothing, except I did receive the automatic confirmation email giving me my request number (that is a start). However, (and here’s the kicker) I have received at least 3, unrequested, emails from Anker’s Amazon store making sure I am enjoying my two new chargers.
Oh, and now they have changed the PowerLine+ 3ft USB-C to USB 3.0 listing to say that it doesn’t include the pouch. I know this wasn’t a big purchase, but I hope that doesn’t have a large effect on how they treat my request.
I don’t want to bash Anker I still like their products and the company, but they seem to not be living up to their reputation regarding customer service. I was hoping I’d find some answers/help here while I am waiting for an official response from Anker’s support team.

I do apologize for any confusion you may have or get. Anker is like most companies and only operate the service department on business days, which means Monday thru Friday. Give them a chance and I’m sure you will be emailed here on Monday. @AnkerOfficial can possibly expedite your email as well.

One thing to note is that they sell 2 versions of the cable, 1 with the pouch and 1 without so it’s very easy to confuse which one you purchased. Just food for thought, not trying to say you chose 1 over the other. But give them a chance and I’m sure you will come out happy in the end.


Sorry to hear you are having issues with Anker. Most of us never had an issue with support. I know during the Christmas season they were busy and taking a little longer to return customer support issues.

From what I read in your post you said you contacted them on Thursday evening. There support hours mention they work during the week and limited hours on the weekend. (i can’t find where I read that). So they might not have gotten to your support ticket yet.

@AnkerSupport should get back to in the next day or so. If they haven’t contacted in a day or so send them another message.

Lol you got that posted faster than I could.

But as @elmo41683 mentioned @AnkerOfficial might help speed things up and with @AnkerSupport tagged they will see your request for help

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Well thank you both as it turns out within about 20 minutes of posting this they replied to my request and sorted out the problem. @elmo41683 @Element321


The power of the Internet is amazing haha. Glad you got it sorted out

Hi this is AnkerSupport!

We are sorry that your support ticket was replied in time, while it’s good to know our CSR replied you already.

Please stay with our CSR if you have any further questions and they are trying hard to answer your ticket in 24 hours during the holiday season!

Hope it helps and have a nice day!

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We are appreciative of your kind understanding!

During the holiday seasons, we are trying to hard to replying our customers within 24 hours as promised.

Yes it is true that we Customer Experience Department only operates during Monday to Friday, so it happens that some tickets sent to us on Thursday and Friday would be replied late and we are trying to reply on next Monday.

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Sorry about your issue. Hopefully you have received a response by now, but since it was a three day weekend for some companies, maybe it took a bit longer than usual for them to respond. Have they emailed you back yet?

You are all good. I was just being a little impatient I suppose. I got an answer and I’m happy with it.