Feel the difference... check out Anker’s tactile iPhone 7 cases

Here at Anker HQ our team has been busy developing cases to stylishly and functionally complement your beautiful iPhone 7s.

We wanted to run you through some alternatives to our popular clear cases. In this instance made with eco-friendly linen and bovine-friendly ‘vegan leather’. Check ‘em out.

SlimShell Pro
The Slimline Premium Case Tailored for iPhone 7

Available in both black and brown, the SlimShell Pro packs serious polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane protection into a case weighing just 23g.

SlimShell Pro’s minimalist leather design ensures your phone exudes sleekness and professionalism wherever it goes. Premium.

SlimShell Bright
The Slimline Textile Case, Tailored for iPhone 7

SlimShell Bright offers the same great protection and performance as SlimShell Pro, but with a slightly different twist.

A leather base and linen body provide easy grip and ensure excellent durability in one laid-back, fashionable case suitable for any occasion. Practical.

ToughShell Elite
The Tough, Utility Case Tailored for iPhone 7

Last but certainly not least is the ToughShell Elite - also available in Black, Brown and Gray.

ToughShell Elite’s flip-cover provides all-round protection for your phone, with handy storage for cards and cash. The case offers maximum opportunity for you to personalize your phone with a lanyard eyelet - so keys and fobs can join the party too.

If you’re the type of person who watches a lot of videos, or wants to show off your iPhone 7’s photos, ToughShell’s folding function is perfect for displaying your content in landscape mode. Pragmatic.

There’s an Anker case for almost any occasion or style, and we hope you’ll find one you love from our extensive range.

Which case is your favorite? Or maybe you already own one…
We’d love to hear your feedback!


I don’t have an iPhone but these cases look awesome. They have that high-end designer look. I’m going to consider getting these for some of the iPhone 7s our staff have at work.

I would like to see similar cases (if not done already) for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Thanks, Anker.

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The case looks great.

Apple said the 7Plus is outsold the 7. Given the current design and functions, it might be their strategy going forward. I would suggest Anker has one for the Plus also. :slight_smile:


You know I love Anker for their simplicity and its nice to be able to read that their cases are made with Vegan Bovine Leather but nowhere on their packaging does it say/brag about it like their competition would. Bravo Anker for your earth friendly packaging and minimalist approach on things! :grin:


I have both and they both seem to have that leather jean type of material plus the slime line case is easy to take off not the toughshell that thing makes it feel like it’s stuck and hard to remove my phone to charge​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Great looking case Anker!

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I like the SlimShell Bright1, really cool!

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Now that fabric backed Slimline Textile one looks great. Would be cool if something like that could be made for the OnePlus 3


I would like you to expand your products as brands like samsung in regards to cases and screen protectors :slight_smile:


Any chance a battery case will be available soon?


I’ve grown tired of the clear cases. These two new cases you have designed are very handsome and the tweed look is a great seasonal choice for the fall and winter months. I’d love to switch out my current plastic gold case for a rich burgundy leather-look for the winter months and then maybe switch to a slick white case for the summer months, or switch it out for my upcoming vacation to warmer climes.

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How would an Anker case compare to a Lifeproof?


Not good if you drop it in the water. Unfortunately they are not waterproof type cases.


it shouldn’t be too much of a issue dropping it into water though with the iPhone 7 Having a IP67 certification.

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I have an Anker tough shell for my iPhone 6 and when I get my 7 I will definitely be getting the Slim Shell case.


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