Feel let down. Come on

Anker needs to make a 1ft usb a 3.1 to usb c
powerline2 cable.
Anker always my go to for cables and chargers but now im looking at other companies that make this cable but i dont trust them like i do anker.
No one on the market has anker quality cables in 1ft with quick charging at full speed and supports android auto.
Come on community lets get this going so they start making them.
All phone and tablets are switching over to usb c .
Anker makes lightning and mirco usb in 1ft but not
Usb c…
We need to get ankers attention

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I think people has requested this cable from Anker before, unfortunately they haven’t released one.
If you don’t trust other brands, you can buy a 3ft cable and just make it shorter by using a zip tie or something similar

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Lol i have a few of the 3ft ones… need a short one.
I upgrade all my cables to anker.

Short one for many reasons…
Powerbank charge.
Short for my pocket
For in the car
On the table where i have the 5 port charger

Cable costs are mainly tied in the connectors. Making a 1 or 3 foot cable is a difference of pennies, yet this is twice as tedious when building 2 lines of assembly, 2 sets of part numbers etc. The benefit of a 1 ft cable is just hard to justify when cost of 3 ft difference is negligible.

I’ve used this before when at my desk since I didn’t have a short cable. Maybe you can give this a shot.

Ps I would use this back when I had wired earbuds and just found other ways to use it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand but they offer the lightning and micro in 1ft…

P.s. i have those. Maybe I’m use to them and want them for the new devices. Just figured they’d have them since alot of companies are going to usb c.

Lightning for the wifes iPhone and ipad.
Micro on my old devices

Dont like wrapping wires. Not good for the wire life span

Lightning is 8 wires cabling, micro usb is 5 and usb c 3.1 is 20. Not saying its a huge difference, but operations bog down the more complex you get. I haven’t seen a lot of usb c sub 3 ft without them being thunderbolt 3.0 and not usb a 3.1.

I’d like even shorter. I have a 6 inch non-Anker A to C with use with an Anker Powercore 10000 PD Slim and would prefer to use the slighter thinner of USBC connector than TypeA.

Anker responded at one point that it’s too expensive to make them at 1 foot. I use these instead as I prefer the shorter length when charging in my pocket or bag:

The way I do it in my car is my charger to a USB-A to Micro and then I added one of these to the end.

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Luckily Anker isn’t the only reputable company out there that makes cables. Don’t be afraid to check out other companies if they make a product that fits your needs. Just make sure to read up on customer reviews on the product first.

Great advice :+1:

Easy to lose :pensive:

It could be in the making. But who knows. I have seen it requested a few times (and requested it myself). But only time will tell with it.