Feature request - thread creator can close their own threads

Not sure if this is possible but asking just in case.

On a couple of different types of occasions, most typically on Deals+Giveaway thread when the deal has ended, some later post-fact “good deal!” Come in which don’t apply any longer.

There are also a type of spammer who Threadnomancer reply to old threads to then insert spam.

So I was wondering, if possible, and if anyone else cares to think useful, for thread owner to be granted power to close their own thread?


Yes, useful @professor.
If not it might be an idea that threads become read only after a set period of time.

They already become uneditable after a period.

No there’s decent expired now, it makes the subject like look horrible. I looked at one of mine, didn’t look good.

I’m so-so about my own idea anyway. I think just expired ended would be best easiest?

The spammer are a pet peeve if they aren’t kept at bay then this fact becomes sold and then a mass spam happens. Not happened here for a couple of years.

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Maybe an expired flag to make its easier to mark.

Due to the limitations of discord users cannot delete or close their own thread. The only thing you can do is flag it to be closed


Unfortunately as mentioned by @Tank it’s a limitation of discourse, you need to have leader or trust level 4 permissions.

Would be a good feature to have but unless discourse get on board, flagging the topic either by the OP or a member noticing suspicious activity after a period of time is the only way.

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OK (sigh) close this thread.