Feature Request: Smart Plug + Eufy Home App


Bought my first Smart Plug, so far I am impressed. I usually buy TPLinks but this is as good as those, smaller, neater and of course cheaper.

Is Anker open to feature requests?

if so:

One disappointing thing that is missing from the app is the current wattage. TP-Link app gives a realtime display of Watts used

I really like the ‘Electricity Bill’ feature. I have dual rate power, meaning power is cheaper at night (called economy 7 in the UK). Would it be possible to add the ability to have multiple rates ?



Yes, of course!

Great suggestions; thanks for sharing

I absolutely second that!


I think that’s great that you guys have that in the UK, I wonder if any parts of the US have this?

I would love to have that feature added. I have 3 smart plugs by another brand and thought the same thing. I have been holding out on the Eufy ones in hopes for a feature update.

I would even love to have the option to use them outdoors.