Feature Request: Option to disable referrals and offers through app

I’ve purchased many Eufy cameras and feel that I should be spammed with ads right in the friggin app. Please let me know if there’s a way to completely disable all marketing aspects within the app. I want to keep these cameras but there’s a long list of issues and this one seems uneccessary.


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To avoid the ads the best way is not to be signed into the app with your registered email, though an opt out for ads would also be a good option for some.


Yes I know it’s annoying.

I don’t have the Eufy app but do have the Soundcore app, possibly similar, it was spamming me.

I found in preferences to disable all pushes, I also in Android disabled all notification (not necessarily a good idea for Eufy security) , I complained in the appropriate forum and I gave the lowest score in the app store.

Others here say you can use the browser instead? Well there are ad suppression options in many browsers.

There’s nothing free and so it’s no surprise a free app tries to fund itself in other ways.