[Feature Request] EufyCam System Snooze/Ignore/Sleep Feature

Love my eufyCam system, have 3 original eufyCams via Kickstarter and added 2 eufyCam E’s with the Amazon offer last month. I feel the progress on the software/App improvements and new features has been great, and I have a suggestion to make it even better! @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

My biggest complaint is the high number of unneeded or excessive event recordings in occasional high activity/traffic areas and wish there was a quick and simple “Snooze/Ignore” dropdown menu via App which would apply to the whole system OR selected cameras for a user defined time interval (30-min/60-min/90-min/6-Hours etc). After the “Snooze” expires the system would revert back to the previous detection mode / ready status.

Example 1: Washing the car in the driveway - “Snooze Driveway Cam for 2-hours”, then reverts back to previous settings.

Example 2: Having an outdoor BBQ/Party with activity at all doors, driveway and yard - “Snooze All Cams/System for 6-hours”

What do you guys think?

Just seems this could improve battery life, conserve storage space, and eliminate notifications at times of a user defined no-threat, no security needed time period. Think would round out the user defined modes perfectly IMO. Thanks!


May be you can cover it somehow
Or would this give an alert?

@Chiquinho Really not practical IMO.

Same as going in the App and turning off each cam individually… then you have the issue of forgetting to turn them back on etc.

I was having this issue, forgetting either to turn off or on. But not practical, there should be easy fix and app should allow us to pause the cam for certain time.
It has been requested multiple times and I am sure eufy is aware and is working on that.


I dont have such a camera.
But why isn’t it possible to create a simple schedule.

OFF Monday at 12:30 ON Tuesday at 18:30 eg.
This should not be a real difficult ask to add this to the app.

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That may be possible not to send notifications during that time. However, most of the things are unplanned, so you just want to do it on the go. And you should be able to do this using Alexa or Google.

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Yeah, this is not about day-to-day set scheduled times like Home and Away which we can already control in basic form via the App.

This is about ignoring the 50+ recordings/detections of kids playing in the yard for example or catching myself on all cameras dozens of times while I circle the house on the tractor mowing the lawn without having to manually turn off/on each camera.

These are non-routines times and day type events. A simple ignore/snooze/sleep for a set amount of time is the best solution in these cases.

I did read in another thread (“Wish list of features for EufyCam”) this may already be in the works, so I’m happy it’s on other peoples radar as well. :slight_smile:

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Great idea @NJturtlePower ! :thumbsup:

I have added this also as #17 to my:

Hi @NJturtlePower,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion! I already pass your idea with our eufy product team. Hope we can optimize the function in the future.:innocent:

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I just got my Eufy Cam system. Generally I am happy with how the system works, but the snooze recording feature is really missing.

If the camera is looking at the backyard, and I am working in that area, I should be able to snooze/pause the recording. I should be able set some timeframe (15, 30 minutes, 1, 2 hours) after which the system would switch back to recording.
This feature should be included to save battery / storage space.

Is there any update on this feature request?