Feature request: Disable Auto Power Off for Soundcore Motion +

Feature Request: Include the option to disable “Auto Power Off” completely for the Soundcore Motion +.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 and connect to the Sonudcore Motion + via bluetooth. For some reason, the information that music is playing, is not registered by the speaker. So it will power off after the time set for “Auto Power Off” in the Android App. Even though music is playing all the time.

I would suggest to grant the user the freedom to disable “Auto Power Off” completely or set it to infinity. This could supply an easy workaround for faulty communication between the speaker and the bluetooth transmitter, such as with Ubuntu. Also it could open up other use cases, such as playing an alarm in the morning over bluetooth.

Let the user decide!

Firstly read this

In particular:

You cabin do an email to service@soundcore.com to send them that info as well.

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I’d send Soundcore support an email as @Duane_Lester mentioned. They may have a solution if not, the more people ask for this feature the better chance of it being added to future firmware builds (if possible) or future models

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I agree that emailing Soundcore is the best thing to do. They dont read this community.

I dont think it will result in any changes for the Motion+ as it’s too old a product, any changes would have been done a year ago. The support team will be fixing issues with newer products.

But that’s doesn’t mean dont email, as it reminds them to not do the same mistake twice in what they are working on now.

So I think asking doesn’t alter the past, but does alter the future. I’m not a fan of venting in public, as the people who need to act aren’t here to read it.

Think about it, you are designing the next product, every feature you add which costs little/nothing, will grow the sales for the life of the product. So your effort will cause real material gain. But if you were deprived of doing that by fixing an issue with an already sold product which has been superseded, then you cause no material gain, or very little. Any business therefore prioritises the future not the past. People venting are trying to alter the past.

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