FCC Wireless pad - iPhone Magsafe 15W


I’m seeing the word Magnetic on it , so Magsafe? But then I see the testing was done with the iPhone 11? :face_with_monocle:

On the underside I see 5W / 15W written, which is different than in the FCC posting, to get 15W Qi out you need at least 18W in which makes sense with the input of 9V 2A. So your Anker Nano charger would work for this.

I’d say on balance this looks like a 15W Anker Magsafe iPhone 12 charger.



Maybe tested on a iPhone 11 as a regular wireless charger?

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definitely interesting I agree it looks like a possible magsafe charger. it could be a typo or just the phone they currently had available to test it

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It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes third-parties to develop and release magsafe accessories for the new iPhones. Since this has the word “magnetic” on it, could either be magsafe or some other accessory entirely. (I believe Belkin once had a wireless-charging magnetic phone stand for the car)

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I’m excited to see 3rd party options for MagSafe… especially if someone releases a power bank that snaps on the back of the iPhone!

A Magsafe car charger has an inevitability feeling about it, and feels like it would be successful.

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already has and been making magnetic battery packs that can attach to their cases to wireless charge your phone

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Lets just hope it’s not going to be $130.

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You’re familiar with cost vs price?

Cost is the manufacturing cost.

Price is what the market will tolerate.

Margin = ( Price - Cost ) / Cost

Margins get squeezed by competition.

The adding of magnets to a pad is going to add about $5 to cost. So for the same margin you’d expect the price to be $35. However given Apply owners are paying for a iPhone product price substantially above cost, a high margin product, you’d expect an Apple compatible product to be price similarly high, and if the gullible iPhone owners pay the high price that will then keep prices high. Among Android users as there are more brands, the average price is lower.

I was being sarcastic really because of the apple magsafe charger and apple watch combo being $130 which is completely asinine. Anker isn’t known for charing the crazy prices apple does. I would except a very good price on their charger.

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Anker will launch at a high price, my guess is $60 and what price it settles at is going to depend on iPhone 12 owners willingness to pay.

But there’s no reason for it to be much above $30.

Do we know if Apple just put a ring of ferromagnetic material to be attracted by the permanent magnets in the iPhone, or are they pairing the opposite polarity ferromagnetic material in the pad?

Impacts cost.

Is the Apple pad magnetic so things stick to it or is only attracted to magnets?

How about a MagSafe pop socket… oh…better register that idea :thinking:

Hope their price is much better than Apple’s lol

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Hey, Anker!

Highly likely technically superior, and highly likely lower cost than Apple’s.

But put in context against Android, fastest wireless is breaking 50W, so Apple only using 15W is very easy to do well and lower cost.

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Wow I didn’t know they were capable of 50W through a wireless charger. I currently have 15W using wireless charging and I’m happy with it :+1:

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I’m all over this. I got the iphone 12 as soon as it was released. :heart_eyes:

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