FCC - Video Doorbell 2K battery powered

No much detail yet, possibly same as current model but battery powered



Thanks for sharing @ndalby :+1: I do remember lot of users asking for wirefree Doorbell, so they can mount it wherever they wanted and not going through hassle of running the wires, worrying about which transformer they needed etc.,

You beat me to post this thread! :ok_hand: Glad I checked this time :rofl:

Recall the same, could have a use for testing this seeming as I have a blind spot on my EufyCams :grin:

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My words from your mouth :hugs:

Thanks for the post Neil! The wireless version is the one that I’m most interested in getting my hands on!

Hopefully more then 2gb of storage…

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I’m hoping for some integration into the Homebase storage :grin:

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That’s how it should be, so the data is secured at least inside the house, nobody can run away with doorbell and the data.

That would be nice, but it could be added to the original via software update :man_shrugging:

Good news for the USA as it still looks like they have given up on the international market

ouch, should be cool

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I have two of the wired versions (working great with an ELK TRG2440, which easily powers two of them simultaneously). Would be concerned about battery life, but my experience with the wired version is they are excellent.

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