FCC variation of Rave mini - "Rave Partycase"

Model A3390V , Rave Mini is A3390. The name of the product is not in the FCC listing but is shown on the label, so my guess is it is either called actual Rave Partycast, or is a variation of the Rave / Rave Mini.


The name is unusual. I thought Partycast was a feature, but here it is in the label as product name. Does that mean it’s a Partycast booster or something?


Was just about to post the same :slightly_smiling_face:

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From what I understand Rave Mini doesn’t have PartyCast enabled (think because of hardware limitations). The new speakers will have PartyCast technology and the “PartyCast” name. Had a thread about this on Soundcore community


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Looks like Rave PartyCast in the works :+1:

This is shown on the Rave Neo Page on Soundcore.com