FCC Soundcore Liberty Lite


I think these are the Liberty Lite from the A3931 product code and a search for such.


I’m wondering if this will also be close to a break in the terms of agreement since it seems the soundcore community said we can’t really post fcc stuff without checking with admins first

If I’m breaking some rule then they can let me know and I’ll stop.

I always quote my sources.

Think the admins need to be more clear (with mods and community users) on what they are hoping to accomplish with the new T&C’s…most of this stuff is in the public domain, product unreleased or not…if its not discussed here it will just make users discuss elsewhere…



If it’s public domain then if it’s not allowed to be discussed here then those interested in the product will just go discuss somewhere else. Reddit, etc.

Censorship never works.

To make it clear I’m not leaking anything, I always link to my sources.

I think the line drawn is when you made deep effort to find something which is hard to find, leak it here then not show your sources. You’re then investing effort to make Anker look bad and so the T&C’s apply.

I also think a PM warning is best 1st warning and just delete the post, so we each learn. I’ll probably cross some line eventually once so I’d hope I’m educated afterwards not punished, 2nd offense then is more my fault.

I’m a moderator in another forum, so it’s me walking quietly carrying a big stick in that other place.


Yeah definitely because I feel like this is fair game since it’s public knowledge and the ToS don’t seem to be very clear but I know on the soundcore community they said they were trying to get rid of these. I’m not sure why because it can be found easily on the internet. Hopefully they give us answers soon

Really cool

They got insider on the information he put out on the Q30’s. Even if he’s was from an online source that could be found I don’t think he should have had a warning given to him.

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Was his thread removed?

Yea it was removed.

typical of big organization bureaucracy. members are not liking this…at least not me

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There are at least 2 discussions already on Soundcore Collective community, and looks like there is a process being planned for the FCC releases.



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Censorship doesn’t work.

Reddit (I won’t post link but the deleted material is there) , Josh is there now posting.