FCC - Roav Dashcam A0


I know there is the A1 - difference?



This is turning into the PowerCore line…

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The fragmentation continues…just wait til the Eufy & Mynt line ups get in on it :grin:

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I looked through the test report for the RF system, only real difference looks to be Wifi handling in the HT40 standard is in the new one. Not much else in that report, so probably going to have to wait until release for a better idea of whats different.

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From a quick scan over the manuals and that I haven’t be in contact with the C1 Roav in a few months, noted the following differences;

  • No hardwire kit (listed)
  • 60fps option for 720p
  • Additional date & watermark format options
  • Increased angle lens 155 instead of 145
  • Video format now mp4

Possible these have been around in newer firmware’s but as mentioned, been a few months since using one.

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Just confirmed via Roav Support that the A0 is a Walmart exclusive, hence virtually no change from A1

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I just saw the C0 in Walmart. Price was between $40 and $50