FCC PowerWave Pad with Watch Holder

Barely anything of substance there right now. Description matches exactly what was as CES (below)


Was just about to post the same :slight_smile:

Link with some photos of the pad http://www.chargerlab.com/archives/1817.html

Couple of brief glimpses on the video under @joshuad11 thread here


Yes that’s it

Text of product matches.


15w on each pad/coil according to the documentation…

“Output power from each primary coil is 15 watts”

Looks like you have to add your own watch charger to the base which is fine. Mine is a 2m one though so it might be to long to squeeze in that thin base.

I’m guessing that’s what the USB output value is for. I can see it having another USB output to charge something else too.

What do you think that input cable is? Micro, Lightning or USBC?

Anyhow. I’d love one.

I hope there are more color options in the future… my night stand is all black! :confounded:

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They didn’t have photos on the FCC report, plus we saw a quick glimpse in the CES video.

Most lightning/applecentric chargers are using lightning as their power source… Not sure on this case, prob the usual micro

Idk what about it but I don’t love the design

Looks a bit simplistic, wish they would tweak the design a bit

I need this now!

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So you prefer the black color pad?:smiley:

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interesting … don’t own a smartwatch

Join the club.

While my watch is clever (it uses light source to charge battery) it’s not a smartwatch!

Main point that out me off…

Not fully waterproof
Recharge every day or every few days
Not very tough
Over priced

These are the main points that put me off having one.

I buy a watch, I set the time n date, I put it on my wrist… It stays there til it dies in many years time (of course I do summer/winter time, and dates as needed). From what I’ve read, my citizen eco watch will last at least 15-20 years, if not more.

The number of times, I’ve accidently knocked it and apart from a couple v minor scratxhes, it’s fine. It’s fully waterproof, and now it’s had its original 4 hrs of light (when I got he I left it in the window sill), I’ll never need to buy a battery or make sure it gets at least an hour of light (it charges continually from any source of light (led torch, lamp, office strip light, sunshine… Whatever)).

I have cleaned my newest watch now and will mount a strap.

Think there is no chance to use this watch charger. :joy:

A smart boy as I am, doesn’t use smart watches. :innocent:

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Wow so you have a battery technology which never ages? Let Anker know so we can get longer warranty.

I have a Casio Tough Solar over 10 years old. I use it when not working. I have a smartwatch I use when working good for glancing at notifications while going to work.

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That’s why it only last 20 years or so, cos it does age. However, I won’t need to keep replacing g the battery every few years like you do some quartz watches.i had an old Timex (from new) that lasted 10 years before it started to slow and keep bad time, but got rid 5 years ago. It cost too much to replace, as would’ve meant resealing. Not bad considering I used the electrolight (whole screen flies) at least twice a week.

Plenty of watches out there that have very good life.

I got a new Samsung watch last night, so now I’m on the market for a phone and watch wireless chargers. Let’s hope Anker releases theirs soon