FCC Posting - Soundcore Flare

For everyone that likes talking about new products that aren’t released yet, found this one while looking for other items.


Looks like a larger speaker system I have finally been hoping for. Really slick design, would love to have one now lol


Yup, I reported it Here


Thanks for the post @Monk3e

Thread title updated to reflect thread contains FCC information on the product.


Hmmm… So they say in a video 60-80W but the manual on there says 2x6 :confused:

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Yep, this is the latest audio product under the SoundCore brand!
Today when I walk into the office and someone is playing this product, the sound effect is really great and we are so excited to hear the sound!!!:heart_eyes:


Looks very nice indeed! I do love it when the speakers are covered in fabric like that.

It’ll be interesting to compare the sound quality with this one and my beloved SoundCore Boost. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, may have to keep my eyes open when it hits the UK to give it a whirl…(what can I say, some go for PowerBanks me I prefer speakers and audio) :grin:


So does Zolo Model Zero seem appealing to you?

Most audio products are appealing but I also balance this with cost vs function vs need vs… money for bills and food :grin:

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It will have a:
True Wireless Stereo Pairing Mode :innocent:

“With True Wireless Stereo technology, you can pair your Soundcore Flare with
another Bluetooth speaker to explore the best sound effects with left and right
sound channels separated on both speakers.”


Nice so we need two of them!

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Well, you could use just one to start with. And, as you get more you can pair them for stereo sound and to further expand your listening area

I also see the Zolo Model Zero, it looks stylelish haha! :laughing:
But I haven’t tested yet.
When I carry it, it’s still a bit heavy. :grin:

Now I spot a trend.

So Flare, Mini 2, Motion Q all have the “true wireless stereo”.


Now you seen in effect the large Flare, medium Motion Q, smaller Mini 2, which looks most appealing?

Motion Q seems good, 6W each and the homepod look as well, not too flashy like the Flare.

I’m placing my bet’s on them being hardware restricted to same model only…


I would agree. Sony allows different model speakers (say, an XB30 and XB20) to pair together to play the same music simultaneously, but stereo pairing is limited to the same model only (XB30 and XB30).


I like the look. It will be interesting to see how these sound, work and what the battery life is. I assume they will be sold in a pair?

You’ve changed your Avatar. Confused me for a sec :joy:

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