FCC posting; Anker Soundsync


Usual caveats, final product may be different, may not ship.


I think you posted something about an electronic skateboarding

Yep, that link takes me directly to YouTube for an electric skateboard video as well

Revised. Paste error. You like skateboards too I take it?

I doubt they would go through all the effort of making a user manual if it wasn’t going to ship. I wonder what version of Bluetooth and will come with.

Page 10 of the manual

So I read the manual again now and I think its basically allowing two BT speakers/buds to be connected concurrently for receiving of sound. It can be paired to receive from one of a pair of paired transmitting devices (e.g. phones).

Hence you could place this centrally in a home and use it to send the same sound to two speakers in far corners of a room/home?

It is battery operated, and I would advise the non-EM components can and likely will change in final product, the BT cannot but the battery size and life can.

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Battery looks a little small but glad to hear it has BT 5.0

Fairly quick turnaround with this one! Already available to order on Amazon (in stock May 13) for $41.99.

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I tested and reviewed this earlier in the week and I take back my previous post/statement. The battery life is more than sufficient. 16hr in transmitter mode and 20hr in receiver mode on average. But I’m going to leave in pluged in and connected to my TV the majority of the time and pair with some wireless headphones for late night TV viewing.

Most TVs have a USB port so it could be permanently connected to that keep it charged?

Or Powercore / Powerport it.

All of the USB ports are already occupied to power Chromecast and Fire tv so I plan on using an old Samsung charger to power my Chromecast and plugging this into the tv usb port. That way it will only charge when the tv is on and I won’t damage the battery.

I also used this device to make my wired headphones wireless or lesswire😜

Probably too late, but the Anker Soundsync is/was discounted to $35.69 during a Lightning sale. With less than ten minutes left, 22% have been claimed.