FCC portable magnetic charger Apple Watch

This just hit FCC. For those not familiar, FCC is the approval body for anything which emits radiation in USA, it has to be passed a test it doesn’t exceed the allowed limits. The information is public domain, often limited, may contain errors and so has to be taken cautiously. The release of the product is anywhere between immediately and never, although the average is 6 weeks.


Looks to be type to plug in directly to socket, so more pocketable. Two versions one USB A and C.

You could use with the wireless Powercore to charge watch and phone together?

I think it would be neat if contained a battery and rechargeable but no sign of battery mentioned in the rest report.


I’m now wondering how much weight it can actually handle without breaking the USB A or C plugs. Since it seems like you can plug directly in USB sockets or on the adapters, the plugs would have to carry all the weight of the watch


If so -> That’s true, the USB-C might be a big problem.

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Hmm kinda cool, wish they would release one for Samsung Watches, there has been a few times when i wish I could’ve charged my watch on the go

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Now a watch charger is something missing from the current line up. And if the 5v 1a spec is true i would guess thats exactly what it is.

Personally i would prefer the wireless PowerCore to be upgraded to charge a watch, as you know @professor i like to travel as light as possible. But if an adaptor is needed for now, thats an improvement over the current situation.

That’s why it would make the most sense for this to contain a battery, to recharge itself then unplug and be used to recharge the watch.

But then, if they did that… better just have a female input socket to take a cable, instead of this male to go direct into charger.

You might have spotted the flaw in the product.

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