FCC - new wireless buds A3933


Not much meat of details yet but from the test report showing the specs, these appear more to entry-level, they are not supporting the 2Mbit Bluetooth speed.


Only using the FCC information Anker released, at the current time these are the Soundcore unreleased products

  • A3933 wireless buds BT 5.0 1Mbit
  • A3991V - new Rave Neo type versions
  • A3045 - new headphones, look very like the Q20 so a Q20 II…
  • A3926 - new buds BT 5.2 - their first 5.2
  • A3167V - speaker, new Rave Mini versions
  • A3316 - Motion+ revision, new DAC implies codec changes (LDAC?)
  • A3930 - judging by the factory information implies Liberty 2 Pro successor codename L2P+

So overall I’d say every product has a revision / addition to it over next days to weeks. So Life P3, L2P+, more Rave, Motion+, etc.

My ask of Soundcore would be to give a roadmap so squish incorrect rumours / bad guesses, within the acceptance that details would be scant. Better to announce than respond to leak.

While new products is always good, it’s undocumented or subtle differences the consumers need protection from making bad decisions, like Motion+ revision may break TWS, the new Ravi Mini may break TWS, and Amazon listings need to be clear what’s different so consumers don’t accidentally buy the wrong product. We don’t like negative feedback due to ultimately bad documentation.

There’s more information on Reddit but it’s not clear to me the source is Anker so I’m not copying here.


Hopefully we will find out soon. I wonder if they will get new names like the updated l2p or if it will be a same name game like the flare mini


Personally I’d like different products to have different names, although the names are confusing, given Google often doesn’t catch numbers by themselves in searches.

So say Q35 was a sensible name as was different name and projected a slight change from Q30. Although to make it so similar to Bose QC35 is a bad idea.

But the whole Liberty, Liberty 2, Liberty Air, Liberty Air 2, Liberty Air 2 Pro, Liberty 2 Pro, is just asking for customer confusion. Particularly as they never stop selling older products.

Life P2, Life P3 is a sensible name as a search finds the right product.


One of the new ones could be Liberty Neo 2 that was just added to the app in the new update


There’s the problem search for “Liberty Neo 2” finds many and incorrect products. A3933 is more unique.

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Yea could be. Neo was 3911 so I would assume something closer to that but maybe they could have run out of numbers too (just speculating since idk what model numbers are there already)

A3926 might be the Liberty Neo 2 which is kinda crazy since I would assume L2P successor to have bluetooth 5.2

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Neo tends to be entry level, of all these the 1Mbit 5.0 A3933 is my best guess.

But I’m guessing. I’m born too logically minded to be capable of prediction of Anker product names. Personally I’d just have 3 in-ear products entry / mid / pro and 2 over-ear mid/pro a do a new version every year. But then I didn’t start a $1B successful business so I’m also probably dumb.


Lol yea I probably would have more products but definitely would have better names to help the consumers but $1B business was started by Anker and not us so yea can’t predict them at all

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Hopefully they sort out the naming soon because my whole family gets confused when I talk about products to recommend to people based on their needs and price range which means for regular customers who don’t have an ankerholic in their life to try to straighten things out is going to be even more lost


Exactly and Anker is made to look worse for it, as confusion —> buying the wrong thing —> complaining ----> negative reviews ----> bad impression of Anker -----> Anker revenue drop.

So the Anker person who is thinking up this silly naming non-convention -----> hurting Anker business.

They have naming confusion. Liberty 2 Pro vs Liberty Air 2 Pro. Then visual confusion. Dot 2 vs Life 2. Then searching confusion as “2” is a separate character.

Then wrap it all up with a badly written confusing postage stamp manual and you can see where Anker loses a point on reviews, all avoidably.


Reminder - these A3933 have not been released.

The A3939 was Life P3,the A3926 was the Neo2. The A3930 is the L2P+.

So there’s one more to be revealed. Given the Neo 2 is an ANC bud non-stick, the P3 is a stick, and the L2P+ is a modest update, the most logical remaining outstanding product required is something substantially better than the L2P, a “L3P”. Or they omitted AptX in the LA2P so a revision of that with AptX added.

I’m only using Anker released information, their FCC and their app, nothing else.

FYI the A3933 is the Soundcore Life Note 3.

image image image image image image

Decent sized antenna!



These look like the Life P3?

From the photos I cannot be sure if they are the “offline” version of the online P3, but that’s my suspicion.

So at time of writing there is the Life P3 A3933 announced but not yet released, The Q20+ not announced, the Liberty 2 Pro upgraded not announced, Life Note 3 not announced, the new Flare Mini not announced and a Motion+ upgrade not explained differences.

The Life P3 photos look very similar, the Life Note 3 have a shiny stick, the P3 a matt stick.

image image

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