FCC Listing - SoundCore Wakey

The SoundCore Wakey has now hit FCC, so possibly is on track for a late April-Early May release :pray:



Oh cool! Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t seen this yet :joy::wink::sunglasses:


She looks Devine :slight_smile:

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Glad to see some good news this morning

Anyone have any idea of the price? Someone said $99 the other day…

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Its been mentioned several times on tech articles that it should be $99, so I think it will most likely remain that on launch…


I’ve no doubt there will be a 20% off coupon for the non testers (US Only) should they want to grab one early.

Hopefully hit the UK before :santa: arrives lol

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I’m hoping it hits for summer :slight_smile:

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Saw this when I woke up and got so excited I really can’t wait for it to come out

Wow, excited to see these FCC reports. Cannot wait to put my hands on Wakey :raised_hands:
Thanks for sharing the updates @ndalby

Look forward to see Wakey in " I Love Testing" event from @AnkerOfficial

Thanks for sharing this article

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Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great product

This is the one thing I have been waiting on the most to be released. Can’t wait for it to hit the market so I can snag one.

Nice. But look at that plug its bulky.

I’ve been looking for one of these. Looking forward to learn more about the Wakey.

That looks so clean. The plug on the other hand is pretty big

I agree, the power brick is large for a device this size (looks like the same brick used on the SoundCore Zero)…pushing USB-C and including an ‘Atom’ wall plug variation would have been good…

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Could be an international plug, my shaver n clippers have a larger than thought plug, due to it having a converter inside for all volts (well 110/220) … That’s my guess.

Maybe even a multi use plug, so USA n Europe etc friendly out the box‽

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As it looks like the version which is shipped with the Zero, it most likely will be multi region friendly from the get go…

WOW this looks cool. I want one, hold on, no USB charge port :pensive: I don’t like the fact that you can’t use USB micro or C.

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My guess is that it will be released sometime in May. I hope I’m wrong and it’s released earlier