FCC Eufycam Solo T8130X


Not a whole lot of information, battery powered 2.4Ghz WiFi

Rough idea of how it looks.

Judging by the test report, it’s different from the EufyCam before which used the same frequency but not WiFi.

That implies it doesn’t need a Homebase to then hop from that to the home network, it connects to WiFi directly. If that is true then it will help with the support and suggestions threads we have had of complaints about not able to use WiFi, mesh networks, etc.

As always with FCC usual caveats

  • typically the FCC listing is average 6 weeks before commercially for sale, that then confirms good to go for mass production then shipping.
  • they can still change their mind, and specs which don’t affect radio signals can change between FCC and shipped product. Rarely the product never gets released.
  • FCC isn’t required for beta testers so someone here may know about it but can’t speak as breaks confidentiality.
  • this is just a heads up so less surprised when it appears for sale later.

Probably a standalone version (no Homebase) like the floodlight and doorbell varieties.


SoloCams (3 versions) now up for pre-order


I got the email too.

6 weeks from FCC so average.