FCC Eufy smartlock and USB dongle chime

Eufy Smart Lock Touch


I’d say that has a camera, a keypad for PIN unlocking and wireless BT or NFC to unlock / lock from outside and from inside just twist it lock/unlock. The test report shows the BT frequencies but only 5mm, I’m not sure if NFC has to be tested.

It is DC 5V 3A powered with AA batteries probably as temporary during power outages.

Doorbell Chime USB Dongle for HomeBase2


The test report shows it connects into the Homebase 2

That round ring at the top doesn’t look like a camera but rather a fingerprint scanner, similar to those on cell phones

Also I think it uses batteries as per this screenshot from their test report. Almost all smart locks use internal batteries so i don’t see this being different. I mean how can it be powered by a DC plug when its on a door?

Here is the Bluetooth chip thats used, I think this is how it connects to the app. Which btw is already showing as being able to be added

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That’s where I saw the DC. Optional? What’s battery life in other models with four AA? Where do they fit? Chunky if inside.

Fingerprint would make much more sense, as cameras tend to be eye height for doorbell hand position and locks tend to be hand height for opening.

I work at home depot, all the smart locks we sell have the batteries on the inside locking portion with a wire or two passing through to the outside portion. Here are a few examples



As for the DC input, it could be for the use of an external 9V battery in case the internal ones dies as shown below

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DC 5V 3A is still a question to me.
@professor, my Schlage Sense has 4 AA batteries with ~1.5 years life, so expecting the same.
no mention of wifi?? is BT the only way to connect to the app? how do you check status, lock/unlock remotely?

There’s mention of 2.4Ghz frequency, Bluetooth, 5mm, on the lock and a frankly weird frequency on the doorbell.

How does the lock communicate with anything away from the phone if all it interacts with is a phone via BT? So you can’t remotely unlock via Wifi from, say, homebase? Anyone spot a longer range radio test? I checked the frequency and the test equipment list, no WiFi.

The DC power is probably for the test unit, they supplied one with a power supply and DC output probably to cause the least shielding for the worst case scenario the case is off.

Yes I think @Tank correct it’s battery operated, just for testing there was DC supply.

There are some non tested higher frequency detected, I’ll go look up the homebase frequency, but odd if it’s true you can emit other frequency and not test them.

Based off Wikipedia;
Bluetooth operates at frequencies between 2.402 and 2.480 GHz, or 2.400 and 2.4835 GHz including guard bands 2 MHz wide at the bottom end and 3.5 MHz wide at the top.

So I’m assuming that’s why we see that frequency range being tested. I don’t see wifi being used as this is part of their security product lineup, wifi could be compromised and a lot of folks don’t want to have direct access to their house being broadcasted. And sure Bluetooth can be hacked or bypassed but its such short range that the intruder would have to physically be close by, at which point its easy to catch them.

I dunno honestly, the more I think about it the more I’m not sure if I want a smart lock. But having knowledge of how to pick locks and bypass them, even regular locks are just as easily defeated. So in the end were screwed either way

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Oh I agree security is an illusion, just try breaking into your own house.

I also know how to pick locks, but I only done it for real twice for someone in a hurry, as I don’t want to steal. Make someone not want to get in, works best. e.g. own little.

FCC only mentions BT, not Wifi for smartlock. Homebase 2 mentions Wifi.

It’s a good skill to have, saved my family and a neighbour (with permission and advice on a better lock) hassle in the past when I’ve been able to pop open a lock when the key has been locked indoors…

I need to learn to pick locks :+1:

No you don’t.

It feels icky wrong.

The truth be told, most locks that are on people’s doors, or padlocks are quite easy to pick if you spend a few hours (or more depending on how fast/slow you learn) practicing.

You can even break most padlocks with the double wrench (spanner) technique (the key is to apply the force to the top and bottom of the lock, not side to side as is traditional).

Moral of the story is don’t trust locks alone. If it’s something important then you should get a security system that stores the video locally, as well as in a NAS (or homebase).

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I’m the go through the small windows kind of guy :laughing::laughing:

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Not sure why you need that chime dongle. The Homebase 2 chimes when the doorbell is pressed.
Just need them to fix the Alexa skill so it also chimes on Echo Dots :slight_smile:

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Used to love Playschool :rofl::rofl:

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It’s amazing how human brain remembers. You said through the window and a 40+ year memory popped out.

see i know how to pick locks, even high security ones…i mean there is Bosnian Bill and the lockpicking lawyer on youtube who shows you how to bypass and defeat many different locks so its not hard. Even smart locks have been bypassed, some with a simple magnet. So nothing is ever truly secure.

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Security in an illusion, and you pay for the illusion.

I’ll look later but this is either different product or update. T8500 Vs T8510