FCC Eufy products

There’s been a few Eufy postings on FCC.


Floodlight Camera


Solo Doorbell S20 (Battery) Kit


eufy SmartDrop


eufyCam Solo L40


Indoor Cam 2K/T8400X, Indoor Cam 1080p/T8401X


Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt/T8410X, Indoor Cam 1080p Pan & Tilt/T8411X


eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro


And a heap of new brand “Eufycare” which is not particularly security but more domestic monitoring.

eufyCare Baby Sock Base


eufyCare Baby Smart Sock


eufyCare Baby Monitor 2 Display


eufyCare Baby Monitor 2



I hope their price stays competitive with Wyze and Blink mini

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wow that seems like a lot of new stuff to come from eufy. hope it all isn’t rushed

Price is easy to adjust, market forces will do that implicitly.

Support is much harder to improve. We see the threads of issues here. In some ways it’s a net negative to have forums as the diversity of products means fewer owners per product and the pace of new products means venting is ahead of support.

Yeah they are lacking in the support department.

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Even now, today, multiple Eufy threads of issues, no official response…

The existence of community invites threads seeking support, and if no actual support then it becomes just venting. Anker is not succeeding in directing Eufy support threads to the Eufy community.

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You just reminded me there is a Eufy community. Haven’t been there in so long.
I often see some disgruntled Eufy users that will most likely not give Eufy another chance. Anker needs to invest a bit more on support and make sure their customers are happy so they return again


I barely went on the eufy community it didn’t really have a community feel in my opinion and I don’t own anything eufy but two of their scales but the couple times I went there it just seemed to be people complaining or giveaways with rules of having to own a product and then the person everyone thought won didn’t win without explanation

Also now eufyCam Solo S40 T8124