Fcc alert - floodlight camera


Camera with a floodlight



Yep. I was about to post :grin:

I would love to see a IR floodlight with some nice battery life…

Any news about the eufy floodlight cam?! I may be interested if i can add her to my eufy security app :slight_smile:

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You can definitely add it to the existing eufy security app and monitor every thing under one app… even I like this feature to avoid too many apps to manage… :+1:

As far as I know the eufy flood lights security camera is under beta testing … hope to see it on Amazon soon…

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… and i hope we backers get a 30% discount … :money_mouth_face:

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You will get it one way or the other…Anker launches an event to offer discount on that…

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Yayyyy … 60% then! :ok_hand:

Sorry, most probably you cannot stack these discounts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shhh… Do you want to be quiet?! :shushing_face: