Favourite Tv Shows

Good evening community buds :relaxed:

I’ve just started watching Peaky Blinders Season 4 and it’s gripping. I love it. It’s a bit violent at times mind.
I’ve started watching Designated Survivor so will watch them next.

What is your favourite TV Show at the moment?


I have way too many favorite TV shows. But I like supernatural, Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Dr. WHO…AND many more, but those are my must watch weekly shows

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.


I can honestly say I have never watched either of those shows. I wanted to get into them but whenever I get a chance to start watching them I change my mind and watch something else

I have been quite enjoying mindhunter which is quite new and only one season so far…Netfix original


When it was on my favorite song was black Jesus but now I’m kinda addicted to watching some Japanese cartoon called yo-kai watch

My favorite one always be The Game of Thrones.:imp:
Recently, I also watch a TV show called This Is US, it’s very warmer for the plot, I like it!

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Arrrrrr we love This Is Us. Brilliant show. X

Plus I was very late to watch GOT but once I started I was hooked. Shame we have to wait so long for Season 8

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My friends and eldest daughter keep telling me to watch it but my wife doesn’t like horror stuff so we’ve never tried them.

Lots say it’s great too

Dr Who is made just down the road (25m) in Cardiff. They use the surrounding area too and have filmed in my town. I loved it with Christopher Eccleson and David Tennant but not so much with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. I will tune in when the new season begins tho to see how Jodi does.

Do you like your super hero stuff. I did start supergirl but lost interest. But I absolutely loved Heroes when that was on.

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Someone else mentioned this to me in the week. I will add it to my watch list I think :thumbsup:

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I am a fan of all different fabdoms, my wife is a true geek in that aspect as she is also a fan and has gotten me hooked on more than one show. I do love super hero’s and watching the shows. … Sometimes I wish I had super human powers haha, I think we all do.

I am a big movie person so I can watch movie after movie and never get bored. But when it cmes to series I try to ignore a few weeks and then play catch up, this way I can keep watching. I did that for supernatural, I forgot what I watched and started from season 1 and binge watched every episode until I got caught up

That’s how we like to watch. If we see something we like (We like a drama, thriller, police/dectective type shows)
Broadchurch, Line of Duty, we stick them to record and then wait until the season is ready.

We’ve got McMafia to watch next and there are a couple of new things starting over here this week but dip onto Netflix now when we go no good stuff in the bank lol

I gave my TV to the garbage. This was 15 years ago!!!
This was one the best ideas in my life, beside to stop smoking.:relaxed:
I have much more time to read books, listen to music and the news I get from the net from all over the world.


No major favorites in particular at the moment. Watching out series 5 of ‘The Blacklist’ which I doubt will make it to a 6th series. Went through the whole 24 series back-end of last year as it never really was on my radar when it first aired.

Of course series 4 of Bosch (Amazon) is due shortly, so I’ll be tuning in for that for certain :smile:

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Blacklist had been recommended to me before but not heard of Bosch! Good then? I’ll have a little google now :thumbsup:

Bosch is based off the Michael Connelly novels (21 so far) following LAPD Detective Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch, with each series usually being a pick and mix of plots out of two different novels in the series.

Typical sort of cop show with a streetwise cop who doesn’t fit well with management or the politicians…plus it features some good Jazz tracks :smile:

Series 1 and 2 are great, 3 had some interesting episodes but hoping that series 4 gets back to the same format as series 1 & 2…

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I am a big fan of American tv series: TBBT, Yong sheldon, Mom, 2 broke girls, criminal minds, desperate house wives, house and etc…!

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Well, for best shows of all time, that would be Breaking Bad followed by Game of Thrones. As for what I’m watching at the moment, tops would be Star Trek: Discovery and The Walking Dead, and I’m really looking forward to the new season of Westworld in a couple months - the best sci-fi show ever, period!


I got a theme going in my fave shows at the mo, see if you can spot it!

Lone Star Law
Police Patrol

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