Favourite thing about Anker

What are your favourite things about Anker? Mine is of course the Power User program and of course the products.

My favorite thing is the community. There are so many people who are willing to contribute to the community and to also promote the company that they love. The products are all high-quality, the prices are pretty good, and the customer service and social media campaigns are fantastic. I also really like how they have a large variety of products.

My favourite thing is the support. It’s hard to find any company with better/faater support than Anker does just now.

Your tittle is singular then you go plural in the body.

Thing or things.

Things pural is going to produce a lot of responses but if you restricted it to singular then would be interesting.

I will say in the singular - quality.

In the plural - quality, range, support, value.

One word: RELIABLE!

The customer service and the great products