Favorite workout program?

Now that Anker has Bluetooth headphones geared at working out, what is your favorite exercise?
Personally, I would workout to the P90X DVDs, but I quickly got tired of Tony Horton’s chatter. Now I just do the workouts on my own, following the sheets, and streaming my own music through the SoundBuds so I not disturb the rest of the house. I also enjoy running, hiking, and the gym. How about you?

Recently tried out the TRX system, and am enjoying it so far

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I’ve pretty much stuck to custom HIIT workouts (including weights), for the past 6 months. 45 minutes, 4-5 days a week. Certainly had more of an impact than alternating days of weights and cardio done in the past.

Did have a crack at Insanity at the start of the year (SoundBuds NB10 passed with flying colours) but was getting fed up of the set routine of exercises, some of which seemed kinda redundant.

When I’m lucky enough to get away, an early morning run on the beach helps counter the junk food and alcohol though :smile:

Suspension straps are a great workout!

Ha! I’m beginning to think that I workout just so I can eat more junk food… :smirk:

Riding my bike is the only exercise I get these days. Also running after my kids counts.

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Pet hate is workout programs. If you want to exercise go for a walk, run, garden, do volunteer work, just don’t be in a gym. If you have a need to burn off energy do it for someone else’s good.

I don’t drive I bike to work and so I get 2 hours of outdoors exercise a day and so commute with least pollution effect in my environment, I give up a bit of road for someone else (a bike occupies 1/40th the road space and wears roads out 1/1000 times slower).

If I want to be fitter I can push pedals harder.

if I want to be slimmer, eat less.

So much 21st century utter drivel on the topic.

I like a Billboard sign I saw once, it said “You Hate Traffic, You are Traffic”.
lol I can’t ditch my car because of the commute to work but I’m with you nigel.

If every person who can avoid commuting via car did so, then those who can’t avoid are less congested.

Either you’re the problem or the solution.