Favorite Thing to Cook

With the New Year a week in, and many of us still holding strong. It got me thinking about food. And with the Anker Community so strong, and in so many great states and countries. I think it would be fun to share our favorite recipes and things to cook!


Feel free to share below any recipes, tips, tricks or local fare!

I’ll start by pan searing and finishing off a steak in the oven!

  • First you need to pick a steak of choice, I prefer boneless filet mignon, NY Strip or Ribeye. Season with salt, that’s it - other spices can burn before seasoning the meat. Salt for at least 30 mins- 1 hr, or if you can plan ahead - overnight!
  • Next, get a cast iron skillet. No, nothing else works. Get this pan smoking hot, also good idea to pre-heat your oven while the cast iron is getting hot.
  • Next, Throw a pat of butter in the pan and just before the butter melts away throw on your steaks. Pan sear for about 2-3 minutes before turning. Don’t mess with it, let it sear. Then flip again in 2 minutes.
  • Finally, after you’ve seared both sides, Season with your favorite steak seasoning or just salt and pepper. Then, finish it off in the hot oven (Preferably 400+ degrees) until you’ve reached your preferred internal temps. Remember, you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube, so start with 2 minutes and work your way up if you need.

Voila! You have a perfectly seared, restaurant quality steak for pennies on the dollar! Pair with a nice, dry red wine or glass of bourbon and you’ll have your company begging for more! Cheers!



I like grilling, and just cooking meat in general. I can’t give away my secret recipes though :joy:

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Oh, C’mon! We’re all family! Just give me a taste! :wink:

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Isnt there already a thread like this? I remember sharing stuff here before

Well a good English fry up
Fried, bacon, sausages, eggs, bread, tomato*, mushrooms, black pudding (pigs blood) , plus baked beans and or tinned tomatoes*

I personally do t eat black pudding, and prefer scrambled eggs (2 eggs whisked, pinch/crack black pepper) that’s fried in butter, just like the mushrooms.

Obvs I have so many faces to cook, and.one faves is my if it’s pot meal… Basically it depends on what’s in the fridge and cupboard.

As an ex chef n call order cook, and industrial chef, I’ve cooked so many different meals n foods. I’ve.cooked posh nosh for me n a special one, and I’ve cooked for 800+ plus three times a day.

I’ve even been known to “pimp” basic cheat meals… A bit of extra seasoning, or cheese on top, or add extra ingredients, or whatever.

Food is not only an enjoyable experience to eat, but also to prep n cook.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s posh nosh, or a cheats fix, the best thing is someone enjoying it also and saying so, and thanking you for making it for them… Oh n them doing the washing up after :open_mouth:

*If having tinned tomatoes, you generally don’t add a fried tomato.

Yes I think so, but … Well why not!

Previously I think it was more about what we liked to EAT, rather than cook… Although I think I turned it into cooking.

You made a similar one on soundcore, but I don’t remember one here.

@Quinn_Armstrong I’ll right some stuff out later that I like to cook, and how to make it. I don’t feel very well today.


Hey @Quinn_Armstrong
Great topic, who doesn’t like food.
I’m with @MacBlank when it comes to a full English fry up.
I’m also partial to a beef or chicken roast.
Meat, veg, Yorkshire pudding and gravy so thick your fork would stand upright :heart_eyes:

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Get well soon my friend!

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My wife has a peppermint bark recipe that is pretty good. My favorite is a Dove pizza. I believe this is how it is made. Make a layer of a graham cracker crust. Take doves and place on pan and make sure they are not far apart. You will put in oven til they get soft. You will take a spreader and level out the chocolates on the crust. Place any toppings on top. Put in refrigerator to regarded. Eat up.

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I can cook a nice grilled cheese :rofl::rofl:

Why still need to put the steak in the oven? If I don’t have oven, what can i do? Lol

Fresh Tomato and basil linguini with good olive oil, seasoned with rock salt and cayenne pepper

Grilled lamb chops with garlic and rosemary

I love making meat lovers frozen pizza. :rofl::joy:

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Old house wives again.
Swapping recipes.
We did that last year, but why not starting in 2020

ANKER’s Cooking Show

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Been cooking my steaks like this (allowing for 2-5 minutes on some upturned forks to rest) for the past 8 months or so, perfect medium-rare every time (without a pool of juice) :yum:

@Tank Yep remember the thread, that was food combos I think…some topics will get rehashed over time :slight_smile:

We stopped using “normal oil” in our kitchen.
I brought some unfiltered from our last trip to Portugal,
Haven’t tested, but from the percentage of acid it’s fine.
The acid should be > 0.2 and < 1.0
I like those with ca ±0.5.
The <0.5 are too smooth for my taste.

Best way to “try” olive oil:
white bread and some oil on it.

The stories about adulterating olive oil are sometimes really abnormal.

I don’t know the percent acid. I liked Colavita, which was imported from Italy. Now I use Napa Valleys Robust from California.

So far I find Costco olive oils sorely lacking in flavor.

I imagine Portuguese olive oil should be very good!

Its very difficult to decide.
The oils from Italy is often mixed with those from Tunisia.
That doesn’t mean a loss of quality, but it’s not original from Italy as its written on the label…

You should really care about the acid you find it on the label,
And decide what taste you like, smooth or more intense.

Portugal is a small country and the olive oil produced there is not exported mostly.
The “olivais” are located in a certain region (Alentejo)

I have visited cooperatives there, all small and I am sure there are no tricks
when producing “extra virgine”:wink:

Now I like.my gravy thick, but no.lumps and definitely not so thick I have to cut it!

Gravy should be thick enough to cling to the food, but not any thicker.

I do tho, HATE watery gravy, so sloppy nntjin you can almost see through it. No taste either.

I am the gravy king amongst my friends, and even with the Mrs! She’ll do the whole roast, but I do the gravy. lol … I’ve been known to take stuff with me, if I’m gonna make gravy at a friends. Yes, seriously.

Old school way, is to deglaze* the roasting tin with hot water, and a splash of red wine (if beef or lamb, or white if white meat).

Keep the deglazed juices, and make a roux (melted butter and add sifted flour, with a pinch of mustard powder)

Once the roux is cooked, add your liquid… SLOWLY, and wisk in as you do so… (Some say warm.liquid, some say cold, I use room temp/tepid) for a gravy, add meat juices or the juice from deglazing, and then add water ( I personally don’t use water from the cooking veg, as I don’t like it) make up enough to do double the amount, so you can boil it down… (That way no need for thickener) by boiling down, you concentrate the flavours, rather than add blandness (thickener).

Best way to keep gravy hot is to place in the oven with a cartouche (a large sheet of greaseproof paper, folded in a.particular way, so.you can get a round shape. You then place the cartouche on top of the gravy, thus preventing a skin forming… the oven will stay hot enough despite being turned off, to keep the gravy hot for the meal time, and for anyone who wants more/extras/seconds.