Favorite Phone Mount

What is your favorite phone mount from Anker?

My personal favorite is the car vent magnetic mount

I was looking at those and wondering if the device moves around a lot with the magnet and vibrations of the car.

I got one from Scosche with a solid yet adjustable goose neck that mounts to the windshield or the dash… however car vibrations transfer noticeably. So I situate my device so that some part of it is snug up against the dash, works well enough. Id like to try the vent mount, mostly so that I can run the AC and keep my phone cool at the same time.

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I don’t have one yet. Anything you would recommend?

Same here im looking for a phone mount for car but i cant find one on Anker website,
The only one i found on Amazon Worth buying was from a company Aukey, seems good but dont know if it is worth buying any other recommendation