Favorite Phone App?

Smart phones are essential these days, not only to keep in touch with everyone in our social circle, but for taking pictures, storing data, shopping, keeping up on the news, and even keeping track of health and wellness.

Apps make life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable. What’s your favorite phone app?

Tell us in the comments and get some PowerBucks and Experience Points, which you can use in PowerDraw to get some awesome free gear.

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I’ll go first! Here’s an app I’ve been using for two years: Awesome Note. It’s a to-do/calendar/task app. I can sometimes be a bit slow to get around to things and I have a really bad memory. Sometimes I just forget about things, and in some cases I tend to just procrastinate. The Awesome Note helps a lot, with its good-looking and well-designed functions. Check it out:

  1. Attach anything to your notes.

  1. It’s a diary too!

  1. It’s a to-do list!

  1. Remember birthdays and anniversaries.

5.Use on iPhone, iPad and iMac at the same time.


My favourite app would have to be FileBrowser by Stratospherix. I’ve used this app daily since getting my first iOS device (iPad) around 3-4 years ago so I could primarily access my home NAS drive for document/photo access or audio and video playback. All supported iOS formats are available within the app or you have the option to open the files / media in a third party app that would support it :thumbsup:

Since switching to an iPhone over a year ago (:scream:) it now gets daily use at work as well on both iPhone and iPad, for on the fly access to files that are needed (or that have to be transferred in via methods) while out and about.

Setup is quick and simple via base presets (such as LAN scanning) but advanced settings can be completed as well for custom machine connections. Comes in both a free version (Lite) or the full version (now £5.99 but was £2.99 when purchased) and core feature updates (compared to some), are often :smiley:


My favorite is the Nike Run Club app, mainly because I started running ages ago with the Nike+ iPod dongle and it basically has all of my running history. I used RunKeeper for awhile but I keep coming back to Nike because I like the “heat maps” that show you which parts of your path were slower. I also like that you can hear cheers during your run from your Facebook friends and you get random “atta’boy” audio clips from athletes.


My favorite is Chomp SMS.
It allows full customization of different ringtones/light/vibrations and volumes for everyone in your contacts plus you can have a separate ringtone for people that are not in your contacts
Unlimited emoji’s
photos for contacts
Screen off popup is fully customizable and you can set it so that you can respond to sms from the lock screen
contact photos from facebook

I also love Google Keep for tasks that are available from any computer or phone


I love using ProCam 4 to take photos and videos over the standard iOS camera app. It’s fairly easy to use, and gives you more options when taking pictures/videos.


My favorite app is AllTrails on Android and iOS. This app is great for people that like the outdoors. So much information is in this app. I love the detailed trail maps and how you can record your activity. You can look at reviews on trails and see photos of the trail. A free version and Pro version are available. Pro is $29.99/year. With the Pro version, you can download maps offline and create and print custom maps. This app is amazing and I don’t know what I would do without it. I also don’t know what I would do without my PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C charging my adventures. “AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors!”


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Not sure if it has as many features, but iOS 11 finally brings a native file browser to iPhone and iPad (and iPod, I think).

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Yeah, I’ve only briefly messed around with iOS11 on my iPad Air (don’t need to brick my iPhone running a beta, due to work) but it didn’t have the range of features (under beta 1) that makes me think it’s gonna be a contender anytime soon for things outside of the local iOS. Maybe with future revisions, who knows :raised_hands:


My favorite phone app is simply Pokémon Go, and it will be forever.


My favourite Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram

Let me just state the obvious here for me, simple but great.

Google Maps. Now this app is probably the single most app I use during any of my commutes. Gets me where I want to go as quick as possible. I’ll probably end up in the middle of the pacific ocean somehow if it wasnt for this app. Underrated app because its a stock app but a lifesaver regardless!


My favorite app of all time that I use on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac is Day One. It is a journaling app that allows you to write down your thoughts, notes, add pictures, etc. I have used it to recall my trips, days, thoughts. I love it because you can use it to go back to that particular day and recall what you did. So if I wanted to remember the date that we went to Las Vegas, I can just do a search on the app and it would give me that information. It’s like having an electronic diary/journal that can be synced to your other devices and the cloud. I’ve used it for years and love it. Of all the apps I’ve tried and downloaded, that’s the one I use almost daily.


Google Maps because it gets me places.
Chrome for most other things.

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My favourite app on Android is Telegram. It is a messenger app like WhatsApp but ten times better. It allows me to stay in touch with my family and friends securely over the Internet. It allows you to be a member of groups with thousands of people in order to share pictures and videos, etc.

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I’ve been using this app for nearly two years: RadarScope. It is available for both iOS and Android. RadarScope is a very advanced application for viewing the weather radar. It is aimed at weather enthusiasts (like me :nerd_face:), but even the average Joe can learn how to use it. It displays the radar data natively rendered in its original format rather than using smoothing like most other radar software. This way, the data you’re seeing is the most accurate, even though it might not look as pretty as on TV or some of your other favorite weather apps. The RadarScope team is dedicated to producing a stable app, and is always working on adding new features with the next major release!

Here are some screenshots of the app in action!

  • This was a storm from a few months ago that was showing signs of very strong low-level rotation. In other words, a tornado was likely on the ground.

  • It was also a giant hail producer! Isn’t that colorful?!

  • There is even a drawing tool!

  • It can also display the hail size potential and the expected time of arrivals.

  • If you chose to go Pro ($10/year), you will unlock access to detailed lightning data, 20 frames of super-res radar data that you can animate in a loop, and this incredible dual pane mode!

  • What’s more? There are so many different radar products so nerds like me can entertain ourselves!

The main downside of this application is the price. Without the Pro subscription, it is a one-time $10 fee. Unless you’re someone like me, this might not be worth it for you, but for all of the weather enthusiasts out there, I think this is worth every cent.

Quick side note: am I the only one that noticed @AnkerOfficial’s logo seems to be a deeper blue?


I am sorry i don’t have any pictures but i can recommend a app i have called “hangouts dialer” it allows you to call threw hangouts for free in the us if you have WiFi

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my favorite app that I like to use is Flipp which is essentially an app that has weekly flyers, shopping list and can easily be used to price match at various retailers.

My wife and I use this app at least 3-4 times a week for shopping and price matching. I am on it quite a bit to look at the best pricing for specific items.

Here is a brief video from Flipp

I do recommend this to all!!!


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