Favorite NEW Anker and sub-companies product

So I have seen several old threads that were popular, that were people asking the community to tell them their favorite product. I am sort of asking the same, except an updated version and also suggestions for or new products you would like to see. From #Anker, #roav #soundcore #nebula #Eufy. LEANING MORE TOWARDS WHAT YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE TO SEE, NEW PRODUCTS.


I’ve been very happy with my two Soundcore Flares! Really looking forward to the Soundcore Flare+ and mysterious upcoming ROAV product.


Ooooh… For me at least, it’s a tie between three items. The Bolder LC40, the Powercore 26800, and the Powerline II.

Bolder LC40- In case you don’t know, this flashlight is INSANELY bright, and can practically light up a room. In power outages, this comes in use quite a bit, as well as regular dog walks at night.

Powercore 26800- I just got this from Prime Day, so I haven’t had much time with it yet (review coming soon). However, I have been able to charge an iPhone 8 plus, iPad, and a kindle all night for at least a week, without it dropping below 2 “bars” of remaining power. It’s really cool!

Finally, the Powerline lightning II. I went through countless lightning cables before getting this one. It is incredible.

Oh, and the Soundcore 2, SoundBuds Slim, PowerPort Wireless, and the PowerPort Speed 4 are all other daily drivers.

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While I love the SoundCore Spirit X (Currently favorite headphones), I wished they updated the SoundBud Lites to have better sound and a more flexible build quality.

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Jahah nice. I have the Bolder. It. Is. Incredible!!! I left it outside in the rain overnight, by accident, still works fine. I went camping in Upstate NY and this thing was easily the brightest flashlight there. Even the guys at the site were impressed at the brightness vs size, he had a monster flood light, mine was brighter!

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@AnkerOfficial what’s yours?

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I don’t know…I love all the Anker products…Lol


not fair!! ok then pick the one that in your mind is the most innovative, or something you would like to see

@AnkerOfficial ok then. What’s your best selling product?

Our best selling products is usually some basic models, like Powercore fusion or Powercore mini+.:sweat_smile:

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